Currently: November

Yes, I know – it is mid-November but hey, why not do a ‘currently’ post mid-month. I’m actually in a bit of shock that it is mid-November!


Current Reading

The Long Road to Boston by Mark Sutcliffe.  I own all of Mark’s running related books and The Long Road to Boston is his latest. I even have a signed copy 🙂

I also will be starting to read To Kill A Mockingbird (again). I am teaching English this year and excited that the novel choice for my school is To Kill A Mockingbird. Definitely one of my favourites and I’m excited to share the book with the class. Most have never heard of the book before, but the ones that have told the class that it is a great novel. Some even brought their own copies to the class. My own copy (which was purchased right after I read the book in high school) is somewhere in my storage unit. I’m hoping to get all my books back soon as I’m in dire need of a few of them.


Current TV


Absolutely loving it. I’m on episode 6 and most of my Civics class have been watching at home. I did allow the class to watch episode 1 today as a reward for doing such an amazing job on our two-week long Charter of Rights and Freedoms activity. I wish I could show them the entire series, but I don’t have that much time.


Current Thoughts

Moving!  We are moving soon to the west end. I won’t really be sharing too many details on here (FB/Instagram stories, maybe) – but it is definitely a process to move. Probably not the brightest idea to move during the school year, but it is what happened. I’m excited for the bigger house which shall include a proper workout area and a big kitchen with more cupboards than I know what to do with.  I’m not too terribly excited about the commute/early start to the day and losing access to the Ottawa River Path. However, my work locations are close to running paths and since I will be at school so darn early, I will be able to run in the morning. Getting Max set up at the new school has been the most time consuming/stressful item on our To-Do list.


Nothing. See above.

I did buy some Nuun…….

Looking forward to

Moving, of course! The new house is open concept on the main floor and soon I will be able to cook without being closed off from everyone. I’m also looking forward to the pool in the summer time.


All the things?  But seriously – I made a chicken-wild rice soup for dinner this evening. It was a little mushy, but tasted great!  The recipe called for quite a bit of chicken stock, so now I feel like I will be eating soup for days! At least I won’t have to worry about lunches.


Sweatpants. I rarely wear work clothes after I get home. All about the sweats. However, it is November 14th and I wore shorts for my run this afternoon. Loving the weather this week. It is perfect running weather and I hope it lasts for a few more weeks.









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  1. mom

    you forgot Gilmore Girls,, internet better be working!!!


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