New town = New Training Routine

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When we decided to move to a rural section of Ottawa, we knew that my running routine would be changing. I live in a small subdivision with just over 20 other homes that is just off a very busy country road. I’m not comfortable running on the busy roads with cars going over 80 km/hr, especially in the winter with a lack of road shoulder. Although I’m sure I’m going to be doing some speed work on my own street – my days of leaving the house and going for a long run are over.

Along with a location change, also comes with a commuting change. I’m at least 30 minutes away from work and to avoid traffic, I will be leaving for work super early – almost 3 hours before school starts. I would rather get going earlier and avoid traffic even though I know will make it on time. One plan is to actually become a morning exercise person and go to an east-end GoodLife location before school. Eventually I will also be going to school, parking my car and going for a run. As much as I am sad that I am no longer living close to the Ottawa River Pathway, my work location is just down the street from it. But, it is winter time, so GoodLife will be in my routine for the next few months.

When I was driving through Stittsville the other day, I noticed a brand new GoodLife location. It actually is fairly close to my house and I cannot wait for it to open. Every other day I finish work early so perhaps I can get a strength training workout in before Max arrives on the bus. I took a glance at the layout and it looks like a really nice gym. It has something called a “Turf Zone”. I’m wondering what that is all about and I will let you know when the location is open. Right now the exact date is TBD – I will let you know when it opens. Hopefully soon, as I’m getting antsy to get my gym on!


This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own

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