Thinking Out Loud Thursday #113

Happy Thursday!

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 With moving, comes changes!

I mentioned in my last post that we are moving soon. We are staying in Ottawa, but will be in a rural part of town. With that comes some changes. I will be commuting across the city, but really my commute is only 10 minutes longer in the PM. Morning commuting will be a bit different as right now my AM school is only 10 minutes from my house. Max will be going to a much bigger school and P will take over most of the “Max duties”. We are also saying goodbye to the home phone and cable. Cable isn’t available where we are going and the only reason we have a home phone now is because our cell phones don’t work in the house. I have the past 3 NYC Marathons on my PVR that I need to watch before I have to return it. Running is going to change a bit too as I’m not 100% comfortable running on busy rural roads – but more on that on a future running-related post.

#2 What I’m looking forward to in the new house

  • Detached house – I’ve been living in townhomes pretty much my whole life. Now I can play my music as loud as I want ­čśÇ
  • The pool – but it is closed now, so I will have to wait for the summer
  • Open concept main floor
  • A garage where I can park my car(s)
  • No more “parking issues” – we have space for all our cars and more
  • Windows everywhere – The house features lots of natural sunlight. Including windows in our ensuite bathroom. I might actually use the ensuite bathroom now. I don’t use my current one because I just feel so cramped
  • Kitchen space for days – It isn’t a “designer kitchen” by any means, but it is a nice kitchen and has so much space. My┬áreal estate agent said “you don’t give a crap about granite countertops” – that is very true. I’m more about functionality. I finally get to unpack all my wedding gifts that have been sitting in boxes for over 6 years

#3 No iPhone Case?

Apparently it is a trend with the newer iPhones that one should not have a cover on it. Well sorry, I am prone to dropping my phone and have it in an Otterbox case. I’ve dropped my new phone on the ground at least 5 times already. Case for me!

#4 No shortage of treats

My department office at my AM school always has treats on offer. We provide a spread of yummy food on people’s birthdays but also regularly bring in treats for no reason. I think we set a record for how fast a group can eat a box of TimBits when I brought some in last Friday. Yesterday someone brought some delicious donuts!


#5 The best time of the year




That is all for today! Have a great Thursday 


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