Thinking Out Loud Thursday #114

Happy Thursday!

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running wth Spoons.


#1 Happy Thanksgiving American Friends

All day I shall be looking at your photos of Turkey dinner goodness and drooling. I’m actually a little hungry right now, so I am avoiding social media as I know it is about to be taken over by food photos. Enjoy your turkey dinner and pie!

#2 Rare Lunch Time Run

We had a PD Day last Friday and some “wellness time” was scheduled into our day. We were able to choose our activity and luckily, running was an option. Of course this is what I selected. I only have 40 minutes for lunch (that is bell to bell – meaning I actually have less) and 20 minutes of that is spent in my car getting to the other location. Therefore this whole idea of ‘lunch time running’ doesn’t happen for me unless I want to be a sweaty mess for class (no) and not eat food (no). BUT, last Friday I did experience a lunch time run. A few of us went out to the Ottawa River Path for a short run. Two of us ran 5K, and a few were able to get in a few more KMs. It was one of the last nice days before the snow hit on Sunday. Wish I could run at lunch more often!



#3 Want to know how to pronounce my last name?

Normally I like to keep my last name hidden, but because of all the race social media teams I’m on, I don’t think it is a secret what my last name is. If you know what my last name is, you might have wondered how it was pronounced. Here is a Limerick to help you!


#4 Snacks

I really like my department at school #1 – they always provide snacks. I shall never go hungry!

#5 Black Friday Sale of my dreams?

If I’m lucky and everything works out – I might be the proud owner of a treadmill this weekend. It is Black Friday tomorrow and a treadmill is on sale and the price fits my budget. I still need to check it out, but if all goes well – I shall have a treadmill for the new house. Super excited!


#6 New Shoes?

I think my Brooks Launch shoes are done. Getting the usual post-tib pain on both legs for the first 10 minutes of any run. Usually that is a sign that I need to replace my shoes. I’ve been wearing them pretty steadily since June, and that fits my usual time span for shoes. I really like the Launch shoes, but I think we are on a new model now so I might have to go try some shoes on.


That is all I have time for today – Have a wonderful Thursday!!!!

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