I’m still here!

Happy Monday!!


Last week of classes until the holiday break – it should be an interesting week as both staff and students are pretty much ready for a break. Although a break from school will be nice – we have many things to do over the holidays this year. We have been in the new house for three weeks now. Mostly everything that we brought to the new house has been unpacked, except office stuff. However, we still have many boxes in the storage unit that need to come to the new house. Those boxes include pretty much all of my books, jackets, Max’s clothes and so much more. Almost everything is out of the old house, but since that house’s closing date is fast approaching, we will need to spend a day getting the remaining stuff out.

The new house is great – we have more space, the neighbours are nice and the view we have from the kitchen/living room is amazing. Our previous house had a view of the neighbours living room and our tiny backyard. Now we have a field! Something that I’m not enjoying so much is the commute. Going from West to East is far worst than East to West. On average it takes me an hour to get to work. We have already had a number of “snow days” and although on one day I was at work in 50 minutes, two other days the trip was over 2.5 hours. One Monday a couple of weeks ago was a 3 hour drive to work. Luckily, I did not have to teach first period! Every year we seem to have at least one storm that catches the city by surprise and everyone is late. When I arrived, there were numerous staff, busses and student vans arriving – and let me tell you that everyone was in a mood about being stuck in traffic for hours. Some students at my AM school come from my area and they spent about 3 hours on a school bus that morning!

I’ve only run twice so far in December. Priority has been to unpack and really, I’ve just been too tired to run. Complete lack of motivation over here! I finally set up my treadmill last week – I do have a ‘running room’ in the basement, but it isn’t finished yet. I plan on decorating the room with medals, bibs and numerous photos of elite runners. But all of those items are in the storage unit still. The office upstairs has built-in medal holders. Or at least that is what I think they are 🙂

I’ve started to find time to work out again and look forward to getting back into the swing of things. I’m also hoping to run outside at least 1-2x a week as well. I still need to “run around the block” to see how long my street is. It is unsafe to run on the main roads that my street connect to, especially in winter. According to ‘map my run’ my street is 1.5-ish KM long. That will do for smaller runs – and should be perfect for speed workouts.

Other than that – nothing new to report. I’m hoping to get more of a handle on things in the next few weeks. I am a creature of routine and the past few weeks have been anything but routine! Really looking forward to that winter break!

Have a great Monday!

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