Thinking Out Loud Thursday #116

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday #116 – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 – Almost break time!

We voted last year to have our winter break delayed by a week so that we wouldn’t have to return on January 2nd. Last year we returned on the 4th and everyone felt like they were not really rested after Christmas/New Years. Some were complaining today that this adjusted schedule was a bad idea, but they will (hopefully) understand why when everyone has a week off to actually relax after New Year’s. I don’t know about you, but usually those couple of days before Christmas are busy regardless if you have work or not. Yes, I feel underprepared for Christmas and not in the Christmas Spirit yet – but I also want to have a bit of a break.

#2 – High Speed Internet a basic service?

The CRTC announced yesterday that broadband internet should be available every where and that funding would be provided to enhance rural Canada’s internet. Despite the fact that I still technically live in the city of Ottawa – I am one of the “rural customers” being talked about in the articles. I find it hard to believe that only 10% of Canadians do not have access to high speed internet. I think the number is quite a bit larger. After reading through a couple of news article comments and knowing many “rural internet” people, we all have the same story. Unable to get Rogers/Bell/DSL/Cable internet and have to use LTE fixed wireless or satellite. The problem with the fixed wireless service is that there is a limited about of space on the towers and currently in my area, there is a stop sale. I have satellite internet and it is slow! Apparently even the wireless internet is super slow and unreliable.

I’m actually wondering if my internet is considered “high speed” because 4 Mbps is definitely not high speed! From what I’ve read, people just outside Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo – pretty much anywhere have the same difficulties with internet. At least my provider launched a new satellite over the weekend and hopefully by spring we might be up to 10 Mbps….

#3 How about this sunrise?


#4 Goodbye D-Zone

The indoor track that my club uses is undergoing renovations over the holidays. We are losing access to what we call the D-Zone. This is where we do most of our warm-up activities, hurdle drills and core/leg workouts. Not having access to this area should be interesting when we return. I think we have some access to the fields, but not much. For those who have been to “the dome” during the evenings, you know how busy the track gets – this might make it worse. The dome is closed to everyone during the holidays. I wish for another indoor track location in Ottawa!


That is it for today – have a great Thursday! 

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