Winter Running Plans

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

With the new year less than a week away – it is time to start thinking about those 2017 Running Plans. In 2016, I did not race as much as I have in other years. I ran more half marathons, and not many 5K races. So far, the only races I am signed up for are the Ottawa Race Weekend Half Marathon and the Army Run Commanders Challenge. The other race on the agenda is the Richmond Road Races – I’m just waiting for January 1st to arrive so I can use my one free race (free race is available to all Run Ottawa members! Have you signed up yet?). Other than that, zero plans! I really think I need to add more 5K and 10K races to my schedule – thoughts?

Winter running season has arrived. I have skipped all the super cold weather days, but have run outside a couple of times already. My plans for the winter season are to build a decent base so that I’m ready to go for Ottawa Half training. I realized while training for STWM, that I was holding the paces and training distances for a 2:00 half, but probably needed a few more weeks of training (and no cold!). I would like to try a 16/18 week training plan and see if that makes a difference.

But for the next few weeks my plan is to:

  • Run outside as much as possible. Yes, I have a treadmill but I do not like running fast on it and running outside just feels so much better. I have plans to run with some fellow teachers at least once a week when we return to school. I also measured out my street, and the loop is 1.55KM, which is perfect for some smaller runs. I live off major rural roads and don’t think I will ever feel comfortable running on them.
  • Go to Goodlife for Cross training and strength training at least 1-2x per week. I’ve underestimated how long it takes me to get to the east end every morning, so I haven’t been to GoodLife as much as I would like. The new Stittsville location (less than 15 minutes from my house) is opening up the first week of January. That will make things quite a bit easier for me! My plan is to use the stationary bikes and free weights. Need to rebuild that core!
  • Build up to running 5x a week – I have started off very slowly with short runs, but I would like to build it up to running 5x a week. I think that will make all the difference. Again, with the treadmill, I should have zero excuses.

I’m hoping 2017 will be an exciting year. 2016 was a good year, but not the best. Between weather issues on almost every single race day and being very busy with renovations/moving, I haven’t had the opportunity to really focus on running. I really think I want to focus on the 5K/10K and run those half marathons as ‘fun runs’. I know my strength is in shorter distances and I think the time has come to really focus on them. That and get ready for my return to track when I reach Master’s age in a year 🙂


This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own

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