Thinking Out Loud Thursday #118

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.



#1 Run Ottawa 2017 Run Streak

I am currently completing my first ‘run streak’. Normally I do not get involved with run streaks, but this one has low enough daily KM that I believe it is achievable. Basically you have to run 1.5K a day, which isn’t that bad. I’ve been sticking with at least one mile, which is just slightly more. Yesterday I ran 5K on the treadmill. Like every year, I have to condition myself to running on the treadmill. Running 5K outside isn’t a big deal, but inside is so boring. Even while watching a video!

#2 Tiux Ambassador!

I’ve been selected to be a Tiux Ambassador for 2017! Yay! Tiux is a Canadian-based company and makes socks that fit well and are affordable. I’ve been wearing my black/neon pair of socks for a couple of years now. They are my go-to compression sock and have never caused a blister!

 LOL Internet
My internet is very slow. It is pretty much dial-up speed. Basically, if you are on my internet it is like going back in time to late 1990’s internet where everything takes forever to load. Funny enough my internet company sent every a flyer about its fixed wireless service “on special”. The fine print notes that the speed is 5 mbps……

Whenever I go into town and use the free wifi, I’m all download, download, download because the internet just works so much better.

#4 Made my own Fish Tacos

Another great recipe from the Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook. We all enjoyed the fish tacos so much that there wasn’t one bite leftover. I did add some more greens and some cheese to the tacos. I have to head to the Bulk Barn this weekend to grab some supplies to make some more great food for the upcoming school week.

#5 Ottawa New Year’s Eve

We took advantage of the free public transit and went downtown to watch the fireworks at Parliament Hill on NYE. We didn’t stay for the whole show (Max was tired and asked to leave) but it was quite a fantastic show. I cannot wait for Canada Day as it will be EPIC. Especially the crowds……I’m already trying to figure out how to manage the crowds on Canada Day. Even though we left the fireworks early on NYE, we were still sandwiched on a bus all the way to Kanata. It will be worse on Canada Day!

That is all I have for today! Have a great Thursday!!!

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