Thinking Out Loud Thursday #121

Happy Thursday!


Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 Why not?

I wasn’t planning on it – but I entered the lottery for the 2017 NYC Marathon. It took me four years to get in the first time, and now that entering the lottery is free who knows how hard it will be to get in. I really want to run NYC again. My 2014 marathon wasn’t the greatest (I spent 40 minutes in the bathroom) and I definitely want a do-over. With the experience, I’m sure I will have an even better NYC experience. It is the best marathon for crowd size and “fun” (yes, a marathon can be fun).

#2 Finally got my Launch 4s (the right size)

After placing another order and returning the size 7.5 Launch 4s – I received the size 8’s the other day. I took them for a spin yesterday on the treadmill. They fit much better now and feel a bit different than the Launch 4s. I really love the colour.

#3 Still living the winter running dream

Another week of mild winter temperatures! It is looking like we won’t get another super deep freeze for quite some time (or at all). I have yet to pull out my winter running jackets. The other day, I didn’t even wear a jacket! In terms of pants, I have worn my tights, but only once have I worn my double layered set up of long johns and leggings. I don’t think I’ve run this much outside during the winter. I will remember feeling perfectly content with the temperature in the summer when the humidity returns….

#4 Semester 2 Soon!

My timetable was finalized yesterday. I mainly work in a non-semestered school and therefore nothing changes in the AM (except a new Civics class). My afternoon changes as I no longer will be at School B. Instead, I’ve picked up an online class. This is a better situation for me as it means I can eat lunch again (and anything I want for lunch) but could also sneak a run in at lunch. The course I’m teaching in an extension of what I’m currently teaching, so I am looking forward to that.


That is all I have time for today – have a great Thursday. GREY’S is back tonight!

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  1. Lisa @ Lisa 3D

    That’s great that you entered the NY marathon lottery! Got my fingers crossed for you!

    Stopping by from Thinking Out Loud.
    Lisa @ Lisa 3D recently posted…Thinking Out Loud | Winter, Blogging, iPhonesMy Profile

  2. mary @ minutes per mile

    hope you get into the marathon! i’ve always wanted to run that one.


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