Winter Running Update #1

Happy Back to School Monday!

Today wasn’t a bad day actually – no problems commuting. Just a bit of a slow down in the morning but I was at school before 8am for once. The students seemed to be in good spirits and we actually got a decent amount of work in! Hope you had a great day back if today was the first day back from winter holidays

As I mentioned last Thursday – I am completing the 2017 Run Ottawa January Run Streak. I am on day 9, and I’ve successfully gone for at least a 1.5 KM run every day. Being on a run streak hasn’t been too bad because of the treadmill. There is no way that I would have been able to complete a run streak without one. Not because of the weather, but mostly because of timing issues. For example, Monday’s are Robot nights for P and if I did not have a treadmill there is almost no way I would be able to go for a run. I am trying to go outside to run as much as possible. I did manage to go outside a number of times this week and plan on going outside Wednesday and Thursday of this week, if not more.

Running outside during the winter is not bad if you are prepared for it. It takes a bit of practice to figure out that right combination of layers to make your run comfortable. You don’t want to wear too many layers nor do you want to be under-dressed. I seem to have a good enough system for winter running. I even think I nailed it yesterday with the exact amount of layers to run in -20C weather without being too hot or too old. P bought me one of those ninja hat covers for Christmas. I used it yesterday and discovered that wearing the hat with my glasses just doesn’t work. My glasses were fogging up and it is kind of crucial to be able to see when running on snowy/ice-covered roads!

Last week I ran 20KM, the most I’ve run since STWM. Most of my runs are one milers but I did run 3 longer runs: a 5.5K, 3K and a 2.7K. This week I will do the same, but increase that 5.5KM to 6 or 7KM for a “longer run”. On top of running, I am always trying to get some strength work in as well. My left post-tib does not like winter road conditions but keeping up with some exercises given by my physiotherapist. I just got my prescription renewed for both physio and massage – it is time to book some appointments! Unfortunately both are located in Orleans. I’ve been with my RMT since 2014 and my physiotherapist since 2015. They know my problem areas/injuries and I am hesitant to start with someone else.

Anyways, it has been great getting back into the running grove. I’m hoping to complete this challenge and keep going for the spring half marathon training season!


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