Thinking Out Loud Thursday #122

Happy Thursday!

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 Settling in to the new schedule

Semester 2 officially started yesterday, but when you are in a non-semestered school it is just the same ol’schedule. However, my PM school situation has changed. Before I was going to a school that was nearby, but still a 15-20 minute drive away. Now, I just have to go down the street (literally – the schools are on the same street) and work on my eLearning course. I discovered yesterday that lunch goes for a bit longer at the PM school and I have almost an hour for lunch now. I’m used to only 40 minutes for lunch – 15 minutes of that (at least) is spent in my car. I don’t know what to do with a whole hour! Actually I do – eat food!

#2 Races?

Looking at the local road racing schedule – I have conflicts with every 5K for the next few months. However, I may be able to swing the St. Patrick’s Day 5K during March Break. I really want to race another 5K soon, but so many of the races are on weekends that do not work. I am thinking that I will run the St. Patricks Day’s 5K, a 5K in April, maybe Mississauga Half for the half PB attempt, Ottawa Race Weekend, Emilies Run and the Canada Day 5K. Canada Day 5K seems like fun – almost my entire family will be in town that weekend so it might not happen or it will become part of the weekend festivities.

#3 Run Streak – Done!

January is gone – and that means the Run Ottawa Run Streak is over! It was honestly a ton of fun and I’m glad I did it. Although I missed one day, I managed to run 30/31 days in January. I am a low mileage 3-4x a week runner, so running almost every day for a month is a big deal. I was kind of dealing with “antsy pants” feelings yesterday wanting to go for a run. But my legs need a rest as I want to run a 4K Tempo tomorrow. I’m hoping that running the streak means that running 5x a week will be a breeze. I ended up running the last two days at two different GoodLife locations – Stittsville and the Lansdowne Park Location. Lansdowne is right next to Whole Foods – so to celebrate the end of the run streak, I bought and ate a cupcake!

#4 Yes I am that person….

that when the temperature goes above zero takes off jackets and wears shorts/capris.


That is all I have for today – have a great Thursday!!

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  1. Patricia @Sweet and Strong

    Congrats of running all of January. I think you deserve two cupcakes 😉


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