Thinking Out Loud Thursday #123

Happy Thursday!

For awhile I thought it was Friday….oops. Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 Training Journal Time!

Although I do write about my workouts on this blog – I tend to forget specific details about my workouts. I used the Believe Journal in previous years to write my thoughts but this year I just went with a plain Moleskin notebook. I was influenced by Jayme’s journal and decided to create my own version. I even bought some fancy new pens.


Speaking of training plans – for the first time since NYC 2014, I created a full training calendar for Ottawa Race Weekend. If you have been reading for the past few years, you know that I tend to train in 8-10 week cycles for half marathons. This time I am trying an 18 week cycle. The first 6 weeks are not hard at all, more of a base building start more than actual training. The last few weeks will be interesting, especially since I will also be in track and field season too! As always, the long run is the hardest workout for me due to time. Luckily the max time I will be out for a long run will be about 2 hours and 15 minutes, but still. I’m hoping the snow stops eventually so sidewalks around my schools will be clear. The beauty of my afternoon schedule is that it is my online teaching time, where I do not have students right in front of me. Meaning, that eventually I can run at lunch and get working/eat afterwards. There were a number of runners out yesterday at lunch!
#2 Watching SATC again

It has been awhile since I’ve watched Sex and the City from beginning to end. Since Netflix is almost a lost cause at my house, I have started to watch DVDs more often (flash back to 2005 when this was a thing?). SATC can be pretty entertaining. The next show I might attempt to watch is ER. I have the entire series on DVD, it will probably take me a year to get through!


#3 Brooks Ghost 9’s

I signed up for my Bell Satellite TV on Black Friday weekend and because of that, I received a Visa Gift Card. What did I do with the gift card? Buy running shoes of course! I picked up a pair of Brooks Ghost 9’s as I’ve always wanted to try that model as many runners seem to be wearing Ghosts and love the shoe. I have only worn the Ghosts twice but really like them. Maybe even more than the Glycerins, but we shall see! I still need to review the Launch 4s, but for both shoes, I really need to wait until I fully test the shoes inside and outside before writing my review. I will say that the Launch 4’s are amazing on the track!


Speaking of Brooks. I did buy my Launch 4’s on the Brooks website – which included free shipping and free returns when I purchased the shoes. I had to return the first shipment as the shoes were too small for me. Exchanging the pair of shoes was so simple. Free returns (meaning, no payment for shipping) and all I had to do was drop off the shoes with the paper work at the DHL depot (they also can pick up the shipment). Money was refunded in less than 2 days! Brooks doesn’t always offer free shipping/returns – I would strongly suggest that you do wait to purchase until that deal comes up.

#4 My backyard looks like a lake!

We had a bit of an ice storm the other day. My backyard looks a bit like a lake.



That is all for today – have a great Thursday!

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  1. Jen

    ER- I loved that show!!!
    Jen recently posted…Why Does The Scale Matter?My Profile

  2. Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy

    Love Ghosts. I’ve been in them on & off since my first half in 2012. Right now our backyard looks like a ski resort . . .


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