Thinking Out Loud Thursday #124

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


#1 I’m done with Winter

Another 2 hour + commute yesterday. Ottawa had a band of heavy snow hit right during rush hour. My normal 40-60 minute commute was doubled. Even people from close by were late to work as Ottawa traffic basically stopped. Although I am appreciative of the wilder winter, I’m tired of the snowy conditions. Apparently 12 of the 14 first days in February has snow. The other day I was arriving home and it was sunny – that confused me a bit! I’m also done with my dirty car, boots and dragging indoor shoes everywhere I go. I’m also done with snowsuits.

#2 Swiss Muesli Bowls/Overnight oats

Seriously – where have you been all my life? I made the Swiss Muesli bowl recipe in Run Fast, Eat Slow. Absolutely delicious! I also like the fact that I can make a bowl the night before and quickly grab it in the morning to place in my lunch bag.

#3 Possible Race Schedule?

I’m planning on racing a 10K in Grimsby this weekend for fun. The weather is looking excellent, so why not? The other races I’m considering this year are:

St Patricks 5K in Ottawa

Mississauga Half Marathon

Ottawa Race Weekend (already signed up for the Half)

Emilie’s Run 5K

Canada Day 5K

Army Run (already registered for Commander’s Challenge)

9 Run Run in Stittsville – 10K? 

The Fall is pretty open. I’m running Army Run for sure, but the rest of the fall is completely open. I’ve applied to NYC and I know I am not running STWM this year.

Anyone else running any of the above races?



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