Winter Running Update #4

Happy Monday!


After finishing off a successful Run Ottawa Run Streak earlier in the week, I took a bit of a rest for the remainder of the week. I only ran 5x this week and only ran 18K. The Run Streak worked as running 5x a week seemed so easy compared to other training cycles where I would average running 4x a week. The last two days of the Run Streak were one mile runs and then I focused on some longer runs for the last three runs. Technically, I am still in “base training” mode for my 18-week half marathon training plan and will be in the 20-24KM per week range for the next 3 weeks.

Most of my runs were on the treadmill this week. The temperature outside wasn’t bad, but my street was snow covered for almost the entire week. I finally managed to run a 5K steady run on Sunday. The snow had just started falling when I set out at 9am. The small amount of snow meant that holding a 5:50/km pace was difficult! I ran on the main road for a little bit and it was immediately easier on the legs. At least the temperature was perfect! Although the temperatures lately have been perfect for winter running, I am starting to get annoyed with the road/sidewalk conditions. I find it difficult to run speed/tempo on the treadmill so when the roads are not favourable for fast running, I lose out on the quicker paced runs for the week.

This week’s long run was another short long run of 7K. This week I took a rest day the day before and that made my long run feel so much better. I easily got through the 4.3-ish miles on the treadmill, running at a very easy pace. I will have to really try hard to not run too fast when I start running long runs outside. The plan I’m following (a plan in my Running Room book) doesn’t have longer long runs until the 12 week mark – but in all honestly, half marathon long runs do not phase me as much as the marathon long runs. I really love the 10 mile/16KM long run. It feels like the perfect long run distance!

Speaking of the plan I’m following – a few years ago I would have never been able to follow a Running Room plan. I felt like running 5x a week was too much and that I couldn’t run that often during the week. Of course, having a treadmill helps a ton but I also have begun to realize that if I want to get faster, I have to run more. BUT – looking at the paces for a sub 2:00 or even sub 1:50 half marathon plan, I’m a bit overwhelmed about how I will be able to run 21.1KM at 5:40ish pace (or even faster) when my long run pace is supposed to be around 6:20/6:30/KM. This training cycle will be an experiment, that’s for sure!

Last Week’s Training:

Monday – 1 mile on the Treadmill + lots of stability/strength

Tuesday – 1 mile on the Treadmill + a few stability exercises

Wednesday – off

Thursday – 2 miles + band work

Friday – off

Saturday – 7K long run + planks

Sunday – 5K steady run + push ups and planks.

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