Winter Running Update #5

Another two weeks in the books – and a pretty successful if you ask me!

Training from February 6 – February 19th

Monday – 3K on the Treadmill at 5:56 Pace

Wednesday – 3K on the Treadmill at 5:45 with strength

Thursday – Physio + 4K on the treadmill at 5:50 pace with planks and some work done at the track

Saturday – 7K long run at 6:34 pace

Sunday – 4K Tempo at 5:45 pace on snow covered roads (yuck)

Monday – 3K Treadmill at 6:00

Wednesday – 4K Tempo at 5:16 (!!)

Thursday – 4K Treadmill at 5:56

Saturday – off to rest for race but walked the entire Toronto Zoo

Sunday – 10K Race at 5:24 pace

My half marathon plan is starting to move from ‘base building’ to more specific training. As of this past week, I am finally saying goodbye to the 7K “long run” and will now be building up the mileage on my long runs each week. I’m also starting to add some speed work in preparation for the St Patricks Day 5K in 4 weeks. Soon my friend, the hill workout will also return (and because of yesterday’s last KM, I know I really need to work on hills!).

The schedule of workouts is still fairly basic – a long run, two tempo and two steady runs. I did manage to run tempo on the treadmill (but at a modified 5:50/km pace) and also finally feel comfortable running a bit faster my steady runs on the treadmill too. Ottawa’s weather hasn’t been cooperative lately, so for two weeks I only managed to run my Sunday run outside. This past week, I managed to get outside twice. Going outside feels so much better. Example is with my tempo run this week. I managed to run 4K at 5:16 pace because the pavement on my street was completely bare. Remember the week before when I could barely managed a 5:50 tempo pace because of all the snow? I ran a 10K race yesterday that I will fully recap this week, but spoiler alert, I PB’d! Because of the race, I took Friday and Saturday off (but Saturday was spent at the zoo walking), so I only managed 4 runs this week. However, my mileage was right were it was supposed to be as my long run was scheduled to be 8K not 10K.

This weekend had record beating temperatures across Ontario. I am hoping that there was enough of a melt that the sidewalks around my school are in better shape. Once I can easily run on the sidewalks, I am planning to run at lunch time more often. Something else I noticed – it is still bright out until past 5:30pm! This will also help moving my runs outside.

What I’ve noticed this week:

  • It has become easier to run faster
  • Running outside is easier than the treadmill
  • I love the Brooks Ghost 9’s!
  • Running more = easier to run (shocker, I know…)

What I need to work on:

  • Making sure I do all my strength training and stability work
  • Eating more vegetables

That is all for today – have a great Monday, especially if you are off work today! 

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