This Training Thing is Working.


Another week of training has gone by. Base building is officially done and we now head into full fledged half marathon training with 12 weeks to go before Ottawa Race Weekend. All of my long runs will be increased each week and the introduction of speed + hills is added to my schedule. Training should become more interesting as the weeks progress since I will be saying goodbye to those easy “can run anytime of day” 3K and 4K runs in about 4 weeks. Track will be starting up in a few weeks which will limit my time in the morning, but apparently we run the big hill behind my school, so this coach will most likely be joining in on the running fun. Along with track, some other scheduling difficulties will continue to happen as we tend to be fairly busy in the spring. Last week was an example as I went to Vermont and had to reschedule my long run to Monday. When you are training 5x a week, a small change can alter the rest of the week. Stay tuned for how I deal with running 6x this week 😉

For the first time this winter, all of my training was done outside last week. We had a pretty big melt in Ontario, and also some very warm temps! My street is completely clear of snow and instantly running became easier and my paces dropped. All of my pace times were under 6:00/km pace last week. I ran a few tempo runs, hilly runs (at a ski resort! With mud!), a progressive run and a 9KM long run. That 9KM long run was a bit of a breakthrough run for me as I ran at 5:50/km pace and it felt super easy. I was essentially running at conversation-pace. I did manage to leave my street and actually run up towards the next major road. I realized when I turned around at 2.25KM that there was a bit of a wind. Nothing trains you better than running uphill with a strong headwind. Reminded me of NYC….

Unfortunately I will be running on the treadmill this weekend. Should be thrilling – luckily I have Netflix to entertain me!

It is no surprise that taking my training a bit more seriously is starting to have some pay-offs. I am finding running below 6:00/km easier and easier each week. Not only am I running well, but I’m also working on keeping up with my strength work and ensuring that I do my dynamic stretches/rolling on a regular basis. The next two weeks is all about speed as I am going to attempt a 5K PB soon. At least I’m going to try to PB. A 5K PB is dependent on a few things: getting track time (which is next to impossible in the winter), weather and rested legs. I am planning on a few other 5K races after Ottawa Race Weekend, so if it doesn’t happen in March it will hopefully happen in June. The other change to my race schedule is that I switched from the Commander’s Challenge (5K + Half Marathon) to the Vimy Challenge (5K + 10K). I switched because I am probably going to have more fun/have a better experience with the 5K and 10K than attempting a half after a 5K. Of course, I might regret the switch if I get into NYC tomorrow 🙂

What about you? How is your training going? 

Did you enter the NYC Marathon draw?


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