Thinking Out Loud Thursday #127

Happy Thursday!

Another Thinking Out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.

#1 – Long time, no blog.

Yes – it has been awhile since my last post. Things are busy: I’m either working, driving, running, coaching, parenting or cooking/cleaning. There is next to no time to sit down and finish writing several posts I have in my draft bin (or in my brain). I have a draft training post to finish up, hopefully for tomorrow. I started working full-time this week and with my 2 hours of commuting and running commitments, I’ve had almost every moment of the day scheduled with something. Today, I left the house at 7:00am and most likely won’t return until 9pm. Busy times!

#2 – Run Ottawa Free 5K’s at the Farm!

Last Saturday was the first of the free 5Ks that are run by Run Ottawa (organizers behind Ottawa Race Weekend). Several Team Awesome members were there, along with some other local runners. It snowed over 10cm the night before and the entire route was covered in snow. Surprisingly, we had a huge crowd! Before the 5K, the organizers ran a 1K for the kids. About 20 young runners ran 500m out and back. Max was one of those kids, along with fellow Team Awesome member Nina’s son, Logan. They had a great time. Max immediately asked when the next race was and if he could “practice”. He ran the KM in 6:55 with a big smile on his face.


When it was time for the 5K, I ran with Kristi for most of the race. We were definitely struggling with the footing, but maintained sub-6:00 KM. I believe I finished in just over 29:00. I wasn’t allowing myself to run any faster and just treated the race as a tempo run. Usually in the snow, my KMs are all above 6:00, so being slightly faster was great. The next free 5K is in May and I strongly encourage you to come out and have some running fun!

Thanks Ian for the photos! 

#3 Another shoe for the rotation

I went to the Running Room to find another pair of cushion-style shoes to break up my useage of my Brooks Ghosts. I have a pair of Brooks Launch, but they are more for speed work/shorter runs. Therefore, I’ve been wearing my Ghosts too much and wanted another pair of cushioned shoes for longer runs. I picked up a pair of New Balance 880s – one sale- to add to my shoe rotation. I’ve worn them a few times and so far, so good.

#4 Vintage

How about this vintage sign that was found in one of my schools. Now that is a Throw-back Thursday!


#5 Trying to eat better

I will probably discuss my eating plans more in my training update post, but I’ve been trying to eat better in the last couple of weeks for better fueling for running. I’ve made a couple of recipes from Run Fast, Eat Slow, including granola and sweet potato breakfast cookies. I’ve also enjoyed steak and brussel sprouts.


But then people bring in treats at work….

That is all for today – have a great Thursday!!!

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  1. Lisa @ Lisa 3D

    Great job getting out there to run in the snow! I can imagine it’s much more difficult when the roads are snowy. I’m always afraid I’m going to slip!
    Lisa @ Lisa 3D recently posted…Thinking Out Loud | Snow in April, Computers, RentMy Profile


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