Thinking Out Loud Thursday #128

Another Thinking out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons. 



#1- Run Ottawa Singlet!

I’m a member of the Run Ottawa Team – if you are an Ottawa area runner, you should definitely join the club. It is affordable and has many benefits. On the Facebook Group last week, they offered Run Ottawa Singlets for sale in their shop. I quickly ordered mine and picked it up the other day. What a fantastic singlet. I love it! There is also a white background option too.


#2 – Bottom Issues

After taking a week off, I’m back to running. I went to PT last week, my RMT yesterday and will return to my PT today to see how things are. I went for a run on Sunday to test out my left leg, and it went ok. A bit of tightness, but no sharp pains in the bum. On Tuesday, I had a hills workout planned for the track team, and I joined them on the hills. No sharp pains again! My RMT visit yesterday was a bit painful but he was able to work on my tight hip flexors and quads. Hopefully the issue is over and I can long run this weekend. The issue was most likely caused by running on the uneven country roads. I try to run on the actual road, but move to the shoulder when a car is approaching. Because of this – I run on one side of the road (facing on-coming traffic), which means that my left leg is continuously running on a bit of a slope. The shoulder of the road is fairly even on one side, but not at all when I run back the opposite way. I’m going to have to limit the country road running to avoid having my left side go again.

#3 Unicorn Frapps?

My whole social media feed is covered with Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos……

I think I’m going to stick with my standard Mocha frapps.


#4 Better Call Saul and Top Chef Canada

Although This is Us is over for the season, two of my fave shows have returned – Better Call Saul and Top Chef Canada. It has been a long year waiting for season 3 of Better Call Saul. It was revealed at the end of season 2 that Gus was returning, and the first few episodes of season 3 definitely start leading up to Gus’ return. I’m wondering if Jimmy will finally turn into Saul this season as well.

Top Chef Canada has also returned, but for an All-Stars battle. It has been interesting to see how the chefs from seasons 1-3 have evolved – either for the good or for the not-so-good. Of course, what happens when I watch the show? I get hungry…..

#5 BBQ Season!!


That is all I have time for today! Have a great Thursday!

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