Blocks and Birds

Can you believe that it is almost August? As usual, summer is flying by. Since summer school and track coaching finished up last Thursday, I am finally officially “on vacation”. Although our idea of vacation is spending weeks doing home renos that have been on our list since we moved. Do not worry – an actual vacation is coming as we will be going to California for our annual trip in the next few weeks. Every time summer school became a little intense, I would just dream of all the food I’m going to eat while I’m there.

With all of the summer renovations, I’ve managed to sneak in running here and there – but certainly not as much as I would have liked. I did manage to run 4x a week for most of July with the exception of last week. Most of my runs have been within 4-6KM with some steady runs and a few speed workouts. Last week I ran only 2x – one was a 6K run in my rural neighbourhood on the way to a friend’s house. It was a nice run (with a great downhill section) until I ran into those awful Red Wing Black Birds. Those birds are just nasty at this time of year as they are defending their nests. As I was running I noticed a couple of birds circling right over my head and chirping very loudly. As soon as I stopped running, they would go on the hydro lines and watch me. At one point I had to run across the street to avoid them. What a way to interrupt a fairly good run!
On Thursday, I went to the track for our last practice of the summer season. I was dropped off fairly early, so I was able to get a full track workout in. I had worked my way up from 200s last month to 400s. I ran 2 sets of 4x400m. My pace plan was to run the first one comfortably hard and see what the time was. I surprised myself with running 1:35. Last year, I was struggling to run 1:45 400s. I ran every 400m in between 1:32 and 1:39. Unfortunately, that track workout aggravated my soleus muscles. My calves have been giving me grief over the past month. This time, it is different from my post-tib issues (which have pretty much disappeared). I have a physio appointment tomorrow with the physiotherapist who did a running assessment a few years ago so we will see what she says. Speaking of that, I’ve had to switch physiotherapists and RMTs because I am no longer in the east end. It feels weird to switch as I’ve been with both of them for years. I’m actually going to the same sports med clinic for both massage therapy and physiotherapy, so I’m hoping for a great team to take over my treatment needs.

Along with being fairly busy – I’m hitting a bit of a mental block with running, specially the training part. This is nothing new and something that I’ve been trying to work on. Essentially, I get a bit lazy with going out for runs or doing the strength work I desperately need to do. An example is beating the heat and waking up early – you would think I could easily do this now that school is over, but I haven’t woken up ‘early’ (meaning before 6am) since I’ve stopped commuting. If I run early in the morning, there is nothing stopping me but myself. For strength training, I literally can do that whenever I want, yet I don’t. Sometimes I do some body weight exercises when Max is in the shower/bath but I just simply haven’t made strength training part of my routine.I just need to do it and make it happen.

August is a month where I can work on getting into a running routine. I have zero races lined up for August, but have a pretty busy September with Emilie’s Run and the Army Run Vimy Challenge. I’ve said a number of times before that a 5K PB doesn’t come easily. The work needs to be put in and the excuses and laziness needs to stop. Now, let’s go for a run!

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  1. Ann-Marie

    Sounds like you are keeping very busy! You are smart to get your calves looked at! I ignored tight calves and pain for a bit this spring
    And then ended up with a grade 2 strain as a result! Not fun! Enjoy the renos and vacay!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Yup – don’t want to make this any worse – I’m kind of glad that I did not sign up for fall Half as there is zero pressure for taking a few days off – I tend to always get some sort of injury/niggle in July – no idea why (other than maybe shoe change time)

  2. Madeline Custer

    Where do you go in CA? My husband and I just got back from a two week trip and fell in love with the state! We ran a half marathon in SF and enjoyed hiking in the northern redwoods, all the way down to L.A. I actually even posted about some of our adventures/balancing it with running in a post today! Just the most beautiful state!


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