Five Things Friday – Summer Edition

Happy Friday!

I figured a post that was not a training or race recap was due – and since today I actually have time, why not do a Five Things Friday?!?


#1 Vacation time is almost here

A FAQ that I get in the month of July is “Hey, you are a teacher! What do you do during July?”. My response since 2011 has been: I am still working….

I still teach during July – but for the past few years, I have been working online which means that (for the most part) I work from home. This year, I am not a course teacher, but more of a learning support teacher. It definitely has been an experience, but I am enjoying the change. Some days are not too bad and some days are a little intense. I do have to remember that teaching summer school gives me the extra funds I need to spend some $$ in California, so I try to keep that in mind by dreaming about Mexican food and Trader Joe’s all day long. I am done as of next Thursday and will officially be on vacation for about a month. We will have our annual trip to California but also have a number of house tasks we want to complete. Before I know it, it will be time to get ready for the new school year – which is extra important this year because….

#2 I’m switching schools

I’ve posted on social media – but not on the blog that I was able to switch schools to a location that is much closer to home. On average it would take me about an hour each way to commute to my east-end school. Now, I’m only 20 minutes away with zero highway driving. Commuting wasn’t all that terrible, but it will be nice to save gas money and to save some time in the AM/PM for running. I like running after school, but found it really hard to run after school. The other news in moving schools is that I am officially back to working full-time, something that I haven’t done for longer than half a school year since Max has been born (not by choice…). However, I was able to secure an online class each semester, so I’m not ‘in the classroom’ for three periods a day yet (full time = 3 classes a day in high school). I’m really looking forward to the change, especially since I will be back to teaching Yearbook again. I think for the month of August, I will be practicing my Photoshop and video making skills.


#3 I love Tacos…..

But who doesn’t? I have zero issues with eating tacos every week. Because I tend to coach track on Tuesdays, I don’t participate in Taco Tuesday that often, but I will have tacos on Wednesday. On that note, if I have a ripe avocado it makes taco night extra special. I purchased a 5 pack of avocados from Costco and they were huge.


#4 Training

I will probably do a separate post next week regarding training – but 5K training is going ok. I’m a little stuck this week for longer runs but I did manage to get a track workout in on Tuesday. It was blazin’ hot which made my 3 sets of 3×300’s a sweat fest. The original plan was to run the 300s a bit faster and only take 90 seconds off in between the runs (with 4 minutes in between sets) but that turned into 2 minutes rest after the second set. I took 8 minutes rest in between the second and third set. It was just too hot. My splits were all over the place too (usually I’m fairly consistent). After my track workout, I coached my younger athletes group. I ended up pacing the last 800 for a few girls that were going out too fast in that first lap. I ran a comfortable 3:20 800m, which kind of sets the tone for my 400/800/1500m training that will hopefully start in the fall.


#5 Finally a few days without rain!

If you are in the Ottawa area, you might be very happy that there seems to be a stop in the rain/thunderstorms. No joke – for the first half of July, it rained every day. Sometimes just a sprinkle, but some days were torrential downpours. I think the official count was 11 days with rain. This kind of rain isn’t good for the crops (many of the fields by my house are soaked) and has had an impact on some events – including BluesFest that had to shut down one evening because of a thunderstorm. The past few days have been hot and sunny – great excuse to go in the pool! Hopefully we can continue on this trend and go at least three days without rain so we can re-stain our deck 🙂


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