Kanata Canada Day Road Races 5K Race Recap

There has been a few articles out there focusing on training for 5K races and how training for them can be a little tricky, especially if you are trying to run a personal best. For many of us that have run 5Ks for awhile, we can for the most part run a decent 5K at any time. But running that perfect PB/PR race is a whole different ball game. The smallest little slip in a race and boom, no PB for you!

On Canada Day, I ran the Kanata Road Races to start off the day. I’ve never run the race before because until this year, I felt that driving all the way to Kanata was unnecessary. But now that I live 15 minutes from the start, I signed up! Because I was just starting up 5K training, I want to experiment with this 5K and treat it more like a time trial. Usually my race plan for a 5K is to go out fast (usually a 4:40ish first KM) and then see what happens. I wanted to try running a bit more conservative at the start and see if it had an impact on my usually crappy KM 3 and 4.

Of course, when I woke up for the day – I looked at the radar and saw that a giant cloud of heavy rain was going to directly hit the Kanata area right at race time. Fantastic! As predicted, it hit right before the race and all of us became soaked to the bone before the race started. I saw many Run Ottawa and other running friends at the race start and all of us just simply laughed. My shoes were completely soaked and felt heavy. I saw one of my track club athletes at the start and she said she just wanted to get between 24-25 minutes (she actually PB’d in the 23:xx range).

Finally the race started and we were off. I did a quick speed check and settled into a reasonably hard pace. I ran the first KM right where I wanted to be at 4:54. The first 1.5KM is down a straight road but this time it was filled with puddles. Hitting KM 2 at 4:58, we then started running in the suburban home area. Meaning: lots of turns. Plus more puddles! I started to slow down at this point and just like every other 5K race, I ran KM 3 and 4 slower than I wanted (5:13 and 5:21).


For most of the 2nd part of the race, I was running close behind these two brothers that had to be under the age of 10. They were working hard! Finally at 1KM to go, I gathered up my speed and ran a 4:54 to finish the race. But before the finish, there was this:





There was no avoiding this puddle. Although my race was serious – it was fun. My shoes were already soaked, so why not go through another puddle? My time was 25:30, which is honestly not that bad. I think my 3rd fastest 5K. For the most part, I felt ok during the race. I still need to work on the 3rd and 4th KM, but overall I felt that the race was a good one despite the weather conditions. I know what I have to work on for the next 5K!


Like many of their races, Run Ottawa put on a great race. I will definitely be back next year! Hopefully the giant puddle will not be back 😉


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