Five Things Friday – Back to School Edition

Summer vacation is unofficially over – not only has the weather suddenly become cooler (perfect for running and turning off the A/C) but we are approaching the last week of summer vacation before most of Ontario heads back to school. Some people have started school already – California was back in school for the most part when we were there and I believe the French schools head back on Monday/Tuesday. Max is going back to school on Monday, but for summer camp. For me, I’m going away from completing around the home projects and focusing on getting ready for the new semester. I’m excited to go back to work and start at the new school.

Since it is Friday – here is the back to school edition of 5 Things Friday


#1 Internet improvement

One of the reasons I want to go back to school and have delayed doing any prep work is that my internet at home is not the greatest. I have satellite internet which means a limit on bandwidth and speed. We called our internet provider about moving the satellite dish but found out from the installer that we could jump onto the new satellite which was significantly faster than the one we were on. It took a few phone calls to get the new dish/internet as the installer was saying one thing, while the internet provider was saying something else. The internet provider wanted to charge me to upgrade because it wasn’t an ‘equipment’ problem. But I argued back with all of the problems we have had, along with the fact that they keep putting flyers in my mailbox advertising LTE/Fix Wireless service that they cannot provide because the tower is full. Long story short – we are now on the new satellite and are back to 2005 internet speeds, not 1999 dial up speeds 😉


#2 Vlogs/Videos/Photos

In the next few weeks I’m going to start creating a few videos for the blog and experimenting more with my photos. I’m back into the ‘communications tech’ classes, which means I get to spend more time with Photoshop and video editing software. I have a few ideas already and hope to have a bit of fun creating videos. I’m also hoping that it helps with my lack of creative thought. I also have to create a few videos for my online course that starts up again in a couple of weeks. I’ve purchased a subscription to Adobe Creative Suite which gives me access to pretty much every Adobe product I will need. For the most part I just use Photoshop and Premiere, but I want to learn the other programs as well.


#3 Back to early mornings

This week I’ve been attempting to wake up earlier so that there isn’t such a shock to my system when we officially start up again in September. I do not have to leave as early as I did last year since I’m only about 20 minutes away from my new school, but I am planning on getting some running done in the morning – so I will continue to get up early. Getting to school early and going for a run was a great start to my day last semester and I would like to continue that trend. Hopefully I can get access to a staff shower at the new school – one of the many questions I have when I start next week.


#4 Back to School Lunches

Back to school also means back to school lunch time – I’m looking at ideas for lunches that are more on the healthy side but also easy on my stomach. Apparently lunch is taken care of on Friday’s, which is nice. One of my back-to-school resolutions is to eat more veggies/fruit and limit the amount of sugar/white carbs. Any ideas/recipes/websites that you would like to share?


#5 Back to School means Back to Fall

Although I’m liking the cooler temps for running, sleeping and getting work down around the house – it is almost time to close the pool for the season. We have enjoyed having the pool this summer and I’m really hoping that there is at least one more hot weekend to enjoy by the pool. Otherwise, at the end of September the pool will be closed and I will have to create a countdown for pool opening in May.

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