Emilies Run 2017 Race Recap

Thanks to Ian Hunter for all of the wonderful photos in this post 

There are some races that you really want to do – but because of a busy fall season, you can’t make every year. Emilie’s Run is one of those races for me. I have previously run the race in 2011 and 2012, but haven’t been back until this year. Usually I have some sort of conflict with the race, but this year I was able to take part. Emilie’s Run is a woman’s only memorial run to remember Ă‰milie Mondor – the first Canadian Woman to break 15 minutes in the 5000m, who tragically died in 2006 on the way home from practice. Emilie’s coach, Ken has held this every year and it continues to be a very fast 5K. Ken currently coaches a group of very fast runners, most of which showed up for yesterday’s race. This year, about 110 racers lined up, including Olympian Natasha Wodak. Normally in a race of this size, I would be trying for an age category win/top 3 – but because I knew the speed power of most of the runners, I was hoping for a decent time.

But then came the weather.

Summer finally showed up last week and once again, we were faced with another hot Sunday Race Day. This time, the race did not start until 9am and by that time it was already hot and humid out. I left my house and it was 19C, but by the time I made it to the race, it was 23C and climbing. I did a 2K warm up and the sweat was pouring down already. Since I knew that I was suffer in the heat at no matter what pace I went at, I decided to go out fast and see what happens.

We lined up and I did a few strides. Soon enough we were off and I tried to keep my running friend Jesse in my sights for as long as possible. I ran the first KM in 4:20 (according to my watch), which is a new 1K PB for me. I then settled into a 4:55 pace, which is where I wanted to be. Looking at my pacing, I was hovering around that pace until 3KM in. 4:55 felt very comfortable for me and I know that I’m capable of running that pace for 5K. But the heat got me (and so many others) at 3K. We passed the water station at the halfway point, but maybe 500m away from the station, I already wanted more water. At 3K, I started to shut it down and even walked a few times. My head just felt super hot, even though my legs felt great (I’m not even sore today). At this point, another running friend (and fellow Fun 5K’r from last week), Vicki passed me, but she started the same walk/run dance too. Actually most of us in the 25:xx group were walking after 3.5K. It was just too hot. Thank’s to Strava, I could see that many runners had the same pacing – we had a good first half and the wheels came off in the last 2K.

I ran the 2nd KM in 4:55, the 3rd in 5:06 – then 5:52 and 5:39 (LOL). I crossed the line in 26:05, which was good enough for 12th in my category and 45th overall. I shall take it! Honestly, I knew I wasn’t going to PB with the heat (I have only PB’d in cold conditions) but treated the race more like a fitness test. I know I have the capability to run a great 5K and look forward to an October Race to really have a great 5K.

Thanks to Run Ottawa for another great event. I really like going to Run Ottawa events as I get to see most of my running friends there. It was nice to chat with Jesse, Lindsay, Suzanne and Vicki – and see so many others. That and the medal for the race was a nice necklace!

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