Ready for Fall Running Season

Happy Labour Day!


It is back to school for us tomorrow – P’s school has been the same for over 10 years and will remain the same. Max is in grade 1 and I am moving to a new school. Should be interesting tomorrow – we are dropping Max off at school fairly early and I am hoping he is able to find his class and his way home on the bus without a problem. Luckily there is an older boy on our street that will watch out for him – and the new neighbour’s kids will also been on the same bus.

Back to School also means the start of Fall running season! The only thing I like about the cooler temperatures is that running becomes so much easier, and an extra bonus of not having to worry about my afternoon runs being too hot. I’m going to be back on more of a routine and with the new school move, I should be able to fit in a run before Max’s bus comes. I also can run before school and at lunch if needed. There are plenty of places to run at the new digs.

Army Run is almost here and that race is the official kick off for the Fall Season. So far I am only registered for Army Run, but I will be registering for Emilie’s Run this week and plan on running 9 Run Run as well. I’m going to wait until after Army Run to decide about the 9 Run Run Race. The original plan was to run the 10K but because the race is still 6 weeks out, I could still train and run a half marathon. The route goes super close to my house, so I think it would be fun to run from “Stittsville to Home” because I rarely get to do that. BUT – I also might want to focus on the 10K. I have no idea what I want to do. But at least there are two other options for 10K’s in the Fall: Rattle me Bones (which has moved locations btw) and Cookie Run. It will all depend on how the next few weeks go.

August was a bit of an iffy month for running. At the beginning of the month, both my lower legs were screaming for a break, so that is what I did. I took almost three weeks off running while I was in California/my parent’s house. I did run 4K in California when I had the opportunity, but after that, things were just busy. Taking a break did seem to work as I am no longer in pain when I run. It appeared to be a nasty case of shin splints along with my soleus muscle being strained. Since then, I’ve seen my Kanata Physio (who did my running assessment 3 years ago) and an RMT/athletic therapist. I’ve had two proper ‘sports massages’ and that hurt so good. As predicted – it is my hips that are causing the issues with my lower limps – so we are working on that area. It seems to be working as I’ve run 5x a week for the past few weeks. I’m currently up to a 10K long run with lots of room in the tank to run longer. My focus right now is just on easy running. I’ve done a couple of progressive runs but nothing to challenging. 

My goals for Army Run are pretty simple – run a 5K warm up and then try to PB the 10K. My pacing plan is to be cautious with the 5K and treat it like a fast warm-up. I would like to be under 5:30 pace for the 10K – but we will have to see if that can happen on race day. Although I know that will ensure I run those first couple of KM no faster than 5:25/km. There are a few hills on the course, but the last 3K is the same route that every race in Ottawa uses – and is flat.

It should be a great Fall Racing season – I’m looking forward to focusing on Ottawa-area races and hopefully chasing a few PB’s!

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