Long Time – No Blog

Happy Monday!

It has been awhile since I’ve written a blog post! The last entry I wrote was my STWM 5K Race Recap almost a month ago. Whoops! Like many of my blogging friends – blogging has taken a backseat to other things going on. As I mentioned awhile ago, I’ve moved back to full-time work and since my job is a bit more intensive this year, I have almost zero time to blog in a meaningful way.

A number of my favorite bloggers have said goodbye to blogging recently –  mostly because of the time management stress meaningful blogging requires but also because sometimes blogging doesn’t make sense anymore. Even in my Feedly, the number of bloggers who “blog about their daily life” are dwindling. I honestly think the days of the daily blogger are gone and now to stay alive in the blogging world, one has to provide posts that are more like magazine articles. For me, I have no intention of deleting the blog but as you may have noticed, I really only blog when I feel like it/have something to post. Otherwise, I much prefer Instagram!

Another thing I might be trying is dabbling into the Vlogging-world. A big part of my job is teaching students how to create videos and now that I have the equipment and software – I can start creating some videos. If I have time….. Videos take forever!

So what have I been up to?

  • I volunteered at the Run Ottawa Cookie Run
  • I’ve run a little (just a little, work has been intense these past few weeks)
  • Took my Photography class to Gatineau Park
  • Dressed up like a Giant Banana
  • Have a photoshoot with a Giant T-Rex
  • Tried to kick the junk in my diet by making good food!

Things should calming down and eventually I might most some training updates. I’m not training for anything in particular – but stay tuned for a post/video about my marathon plans for 2018. That is right – a marathon. It will be four years in between marathons but I think it is time for that PB to be smashed. So come back in a bit and I will discuss my plans for Marathon 2018.

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