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Happy New Year’s Eve!!


2017 was a busy year, a blink and you miss it kind of year. Although 2016 was probably equally as busy with preparations to sell and buy a home – 2017 meant the return to full-time work for me and a full year at the new house. I barely blogged in the second half of the year and 2018 will probably be more of the same. As much as I would like to blog more – my life isn’t all that interesting and (more important) work is busy, meaning less time for blogging. Regardless, here is the best of 2017:




I started off 2017, completing my very first run-streak with Run Ottawa. Since I just purchased a treadmill in December, I was finally able to run every day with no excuses. Spoiler alert – 2018 is shaping up to be very much the same. I ran the Richmond Road Races 5K, placing 5th in my category.



February was a travelling month for me – I spent a weekend in Mississauga and a weekend in Vermont. Both involved trips to Trader Joes. I also ran the Grimsby 10K over the Family Day Weekend where temperatures went above 10C. I wore shorts in that race and finally got a PB in the 10K. Vermont was fun – but the temperatures were too hot for proper skiing (it was 16C the day I was skiing). We concentrated on getting Max on skis for the first time.



Another month in 2018 – I ran the St. Patrick’s Day 5K in the cold – I remember getting a massive stitch in that race. 



At this point, I was officially back to working full-time – but still within two schools. I continued running quite a bit. I believe that April was one of my stronger running months. It appeared that the return to shorts happened in the month of April. I did make it out to the first Run Ottawa Saturday 5K – that one was hysterical because of a late-spring snowstorm.



Always an insanely busy time – May = major high school track and field time as well as getting ready for Ottawa Race Weekend. I was also coordinating a water station and preparing for job interview season. I ended up PBing the half-marathon at Ottawa Race Weekend, even though the race wasn’t fantastic due to the heat. I said goodbye to the half marathon in May and wanted to concentrate on 5K and 10Ks.


Job Search season was in full swing but unlike last year when I went on 10 interviews and wasn’t successful in any of them (which is not unusual when you are a part time teacher), this year I only went on two interviews. Luckily I was successful in one of them and was able to move all of my part-time sections (spread across two schools) to one school, closer to home. This meant that my days of commuting 1 hour each way and not having a lunch was finally over. A week later, I found out that I was going to be increased to full-time status, ending an eight year process in finding full-time work in Ottawa. But that meant saying goodbye to my East-end teaching friends.  June was also the month our pool was fully opened. This was the first pool, P and I had ever owned and it came with a very steep learning curve.



July was an exceptionally busy month. We started off the month the Canada Day Road Races which was a race to remember. Not a great finishing time but what a great time. After Canada Day we had almost my entire extended family over for our annual BBQ. Then, I started a brand new summer school position that was more on the administrative side of things. We also were in the process of completing a few home renos, including painting the guest room (it was an awful shade of pink before) and expanding the driveway. I also volunteered at the Canada Track and Field Championships, which was lots of fun. I ran the 5/15 Farm Run and finally PB’d the 5K (and placed 5th female). But of course, the track work I had been running = irritating my left leg again.


August meant going to California! Finally, some vacation time. Since we did not have to do lots of renovations down there – we were able to do more touristy things – including hitting up 3 different beaches, Joshua Tree National Park and our annual trip to DisneyLand. When we came back – we started getting ready for the next school year!




A new month and a new school. Commuting now was only 20 minutes per way – but really about 45 when I include dropping off Max at school. A few days all three of us even went in one car (that was short-lived). For running, I ran the Vimy Challenge in the Army Run and Emilie’s Run. The Army Run was more for the experience – the 5K involved 4 of us laughing and talking the entire way (all while trying to navigate the crowd). The 10K was a bit more challenging as I was trying to run a reasonable time but the temperatures were hot. I did not wear a watch at all for the Army Run but my 5K splits showed a super consistent race. The following weekend I forgot everything I had learned about pacing and went out way too fast in the heat during Emilie’s Run. I knew a 5K PB was unlikely, so I figured, hey! let’s just try and get a 1K PB. I did, but 3K in I felt miserable!


Getting into the swing of things at school but it was also time to finish up my Fall racing season. I ran the 9-1-1 races, which is conveniently 10 minutes away from my house. What a treat to leave the house at 8am and be at the race start by 8:20. I ran the 10K and ran a smart race, earning a new PB in the 10K that felt quite a bit better than the ‘Fly and Die” approach I took for the Grimsby race. For the 5K, I found out very late in the game that I would be in Toronto for STWM – but since I was under-trained for the half, I ran the 5K. I knew that this time I would have to run smart because I knew that course very well and knew what was at the end: a long, long hill. The first 3.5K of the race was great – the last was just hanging on. I did PB and enjoyed cheering on the half and full marathoners after.



No racing for me – but I did volunteer at the Finish Line for the Cookie Run. It was tons of fun and I really enjoyed handing out medals with the Girl Guides. November also started the lack of running months. Work was getting a little intense and honestly, I barely ran. Oh Well!



December was a bit of a bust for running. I concentrated on school and getting ready for the Christmas season. I also finally got my hair cut! I’m sure I will be back running soon! I did manage to make it out to one more Run Ottawa 5K to finish up the year with Run Ottawa.

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  1. Carl Wright

    Admire your determination Rebecca to try and get a teaching spot for the new school year. It is so difficult for teachers who are not full time. I have a daughter who graduated from teachers college a year ago, could not even get on a supply list, but is now teaching overseas.

    Looks like you had some very memorable race events in 2017. Wow, such a wet Canada Day race. Great to see Kristi Raz and her 2 boys in the September recap! Hope you have a great 2018! 🙂


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