Getting Ready for that Winter Base Season

Happy Friday!!!

I’m seriously going to try to post more often – but life/work is busy! Although I feel my life is also pretty boring too – work/home/work/home, I don’t think anyone wants to read about that!

Winter Season is all about keeping a solid base for running. I have no races on the horizon, except Richmond Road Races (sign up now!) but that race is more for fun as I tend to run slower in the winter. I actually thought about running Around the Bay – but honestly I don’t think I have it in me to train for a longer race in the winter. Running those mid-week runs is not a problem but I would have more difficulty with the long runs. This doesn’t mean I’m not going to ATB – I still might sign up for the 5K as it is my favourite 5K course (and PB friendly!). Other than that, I only have Ottawa Race Weekend and Army Run on the schedule. I believe I’m going to run the Ottawa 10K but it will mostly likely be a fun-run/first long run of a potential marathon training season. However, if you want your own personal pace bunny for a sub-60 race, let me know!  I haven’t decided about Army Run either – I’m 100% running it but what I’m running, I have no idea. The plan right now is to run the Wineglass Marathon which is the weekend after Army Run. I might want to run the 10K, but I also think it might be fun to run with Max in the 5K. Decisions! Of course, all of this depends on whether or not I sign up for the Wineglass Marathon.

With all of this race planning – I’m still trying to maintain a bit of a base. I’m trying to run at least 3x a week, along with a day or two of strength training. But that plan isn’t always followed. For example this week, I haven’t run at all – but I have strength-trained 3x. My left leg continues to be problematic and because winter = me not wearing my Birks 24/7, my post-tib has flared up a bit. I know my left hip is tight again and I’m hoping to make it to my RMT at MedSport in the next few weeks. My leg doesn’t really hurt, I just know that it is off. Not a big deal. But – other than this week, I’ve been running here and there. Luckily the snow hasn’t fully arrived yet, so I’ve been enjoying running on clear surfaces. I feel like this weekend will be the last clear-street running on my street for awhile!

Last weekend I managed to finally make it out to a Run Ottawa Saturday 5K. I had a blast running with Dan for the first lap and Vicki and another Run Ottawa member for the 2nd lap. It was good to get out there and run with my fellow running friends again. If you didn’t make it out this year – definitely come out next year. The free 5K runs have a kids race too.

If you are up for the challenge – the Richmond Road Races are coming up in 5 weeks. The race starts/ends out of South Carleton Secondary School which means = lots of free parking! There is also a super sweet medal, chili and beer at the finish. We had lots of fun last year and I encourage you to brace the cold and come on out!

In the meantime here are some photos from the last few weeks:

Sometimes in class we experiment with gels and lighting gear

Soup Fridays have a whole new meaning when your school has a culinary program

I finally cut my hair – I went from this:

To this:

Have a great Friday!

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