Mission of 2018: Work Harder, Run Farther

The start of the new year is almost always accompanied by a list of goals – things to do more off, things to do less of and of course, those events that you really want to accomplish in a given calendar year. For me, it is usually the same items that get added to my list

  • Drink more water
  • Save more
  • Eat better
  • PB all the races
  • limit sugar and alcohol
  • Don’t sit down so much

etc, etc, etc

I could make another generic list and I could probably easily half-ass those goals for years. But I do have one goal for 2018: to run another marathon.

Yes – I know that seems like a fairly ordinary goal for a runner and I have run a marathon before. But as you may or may not know – I’ve attempted to train for a marathon twice after running NYC in 2014. Both attempts ended in a switch to the half marathon because of my left post-tib issues. My mission for 2018 is to NOT let that happen again. In order for that to happen, I have to work harder.

First things first – I have to make it a priority to not be lazy with strength training. I have to get my hips/glutes working properly, otherwise I will stress out my lower limbs (as the post-tib strain does jump from leg to leg). My RMT/Athletic therapist has found a few spots to work on and I’m also doing all the strength drills at home. This month I’m participating in a run streak – but also adding strength work in every day. On my days off from running I need to make a better effort to cross train or put on a workout video on YouTube

I’m honestly not sure what my training plan will be like yet. I believe that I will continue with running 4-5x a week – most likely 4x. Starting in February, my school schedule relaxes quite a bit and I should be able to manage to get out and run at school. Starting in second semester, I am finishing teaching in front of students by 12:30, so the possibility of a short lunch time run or a run after school is definitely good. Long runs are not my favourite – and honestly, I’m just going to have to start getting up early on Sundays.

I need to stop being lazy and stop making excuses but I also have to listen to my body and skip a workout if my legs start to go. I also have to watch the speed – take the long runs slow. Really slow. Some of this requires work with mental fitness as well. Both times that I’ve dropped from the full to half marathons, I’ve been able to run the half without a problem. If I need to take a week off, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. This past year, I watched several of my running friends complete marathons after injuring themselves or becoming sick during training. They were able to finish their marathons – so I can too.

So – here I am talking about a marathon and I haven’t told you which one yet. I originally was going to run Wineglass, but due to some Twitter/Running Friend peer pressure, I signed up for the Ottawa Marathon at the end of spring. I’ve attempted to run Ottawa before in 2016, but a month before I switched to the half.  Choosing Ottawa comes down to a few things. First off, and probably the most important is that I will have friends to run with. Not only are two of my friends the 4:30 and 5:00 pace bunnies (right where I think I will be aiming for) but there are SO MANY people running the marathon this year. Also, I’m saving money by not having to dish out money for gas/hotels and restaurant food. Come to think of it – every time I’ve run a race away from home – I’ve had GI issues. For all four half marathons here at home – I’ve had zero issues. Maybe I just discovered the trick to solving my GI issues? That and I’m staying away from all the triggering foods before race day!

So here is to a new year and hopefully a new marathon PB!

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  1. Ann-Marie

    YES for giving in to peer pressure!! You can definitely do this 🙂

    I’m so pumped to be the 4:30 bunny and hope you end up running with me :). its going to be a great day!!!!



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