Richmond Road Races Race Recap 2018

January can be one hell of a month for teachers – and that is the main reason why this post about the 2018 Richmond Road Races is so late! But here it is anyways!

This time – the race recap write up will be a bit different. I did not run the race to PB or even to race – it was more to have a great time with some running friends and have a beer after. Richmond Road Races is organized by Run Ottawa and held in mid-January. Sometimes it is not too cold but this year it was around -22C at race time. Therefore I knew I would not run super fast and really just wanted to run 5K on non snow-covered roads. The best part about the race (for me) is that is just “down the street” from my house – but in rural terms, down the street still means a 15 minute drive 🙂 Since the race started at 10am, I was able to sleep in and relax before the race.

I did dress in what seemed like 20 different layers. I had run in similar temperatures before and knew that any exposed skin would not be a good idea. The hilarious thing is that just three days prior – I WAS RUNNING IN SHORTS.

I met up with some running friends but decided to run with Kristi as we both had the same race plan in mind – just run! I lined up for the race with maybe 2 minutes to go and soon enough – we were off.

and within 1km – I was realizing that I over-dressed.

Kristi and I ran probably the most steady race I have ever run – we hit our splits at around 5:35/KM for four of the five KM’s. The last KM I sped up a bit and finished the race in just over 27:00. This race did seem much harder despite being around 2 minutes slower than my average 5K race. Layers + cold temperatures = running takes more effort. The few days prior when it was 10C outside, running seemed effortless and I was running 5:30 pace without a worry.

After the race we had our traditional chili and beer. A nice treat and I think the main reason why most of us showed up! (am I wrong?). Also included with the affordable race fee was a nice long sleeved shirt, free race photos and a sweet icy medal.

I said that this race recap would be different – and here is why: I made a video! Not my best editing – but it will do!

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