Canadian Museum of History

Max and I went to the Canadian Museum of History two weeks ago – we loved it so much we went back again last Sunday. Max calls the Museum “The Beauty” and spent over 3 hours (and did not want to leave). Right now, there is a fantastic exhibit featuring the artwork of Dreamworks Animation. You can also animate/draw with some very fancy tablet monitors while you are there. If you have a chance, go see the exhibit before it leaves in the first week of April! The rest of the museum features a Children’s Museum that “travels the world” and multiple floors of Canadian History exhibits. If you want to visit the whole museum, make sure you schedule sufficient time

This past Sunday, I was able to run my long run downtown while the boys spent another 3 hours at the Museum. Apparently they barely left the Children’s Side of the Museum as there were arts and crafts set up. Max made himself a new Captain America Shield.

For those in Ottawa – membership is affordable and includes a season’s pass to the War Museum as well. A couple of visits with a family and it is worth it. There is lots of (paid) indoor parking and the museum is pretty easy to get to. This post isn’t sponsored – I just thought it would be fun to share my photos!


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