Trader Joe’s Visit – February 2018

Who doesn’t love a good Trader Joe’s visit?  

A few weekends ago, my parents, Max and I travelled to Buffalo to visit Target and Trader Joe’s – we were armed with our lists and some spending money. It is never a good idea to go to the US for shopping just after pay day 😉

My list had many staples that I needed to get including: Mandarin Chicken, Green Dragon Hot Sauce, Cuban Black Beans, Corn Bread Crackers and cheap beer….

Before we went to Trader Joe’s – we stopped by Target, which is conveniently close to Trader Joe’s. But funny enough, I had never shopped at that Target before. It was exceptionally busy but I did purchase a few shirts for the family (including the Gilmore Girls one – which honestly, I could totally make myself), Chobani Flip Cup Yoghurt, La Croix (in flavours I have no seen in Canada yet), and a cute green bag.

Then (after lunch) – it was time for Trader Joe’s. Once again, I filled my cart to the top and had the cashiers somewhat laugh with me about the quantity of my purchases. That was nothing compared to the conversation I had with the Canadian Border Officer about how much alcohol I was bringing back (12 cans of beer?) which somehow got translated into 18 bottles of vodka. She did note that groceries were not going to be taxed, which was instant disappointment for us as we would have totally brought back more. And no – I did not have to pay tax, duty, or ‘alcohol mark up tax’ on my adult beverages 😀

Now – what did I bring back?

The usual cereals, fruit preserves and chia seeds – plus graham crackers and a ginger-turmeric tea. The tea is amazing by the way


Some unhealthy things that are in the chocolate family. Plus spray coconut oil, seasoning salt and my beloved taco meat seasoning (one packet lasts 3 meals for us)


The only frozen food I will buy (seriously…) – Mandarin chicken and tater tots are a must. I tried the cauliflower rice last night and it was so good – I wish I bought more! Gluten Free waffles = yummy too!

Corn Bread crackers for me and Max’s chip collection (he goes straight to the aisle to pick up “his purchases”)

I also bought a few sauces – BBQ, Green Dragon Hot Sauce (another amazing product), red chili sauce and adult beverages.


I just wish I bought more!

What are some of your favourite Trader Joe’s items?

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