What is Next?

Happy Friday!

The weeks after a marathon are filled with constant wonder about what to do with so much free time – and also pondering what is next. I know I am not the only one who signed up for races the week after the Ottawa Marathon. But more on that below.

The past two weeks for me have equalled catching up on school-related tasks, including a mountain of marking. I have run since the marathon but at this point I’m just running when I have time. June is a busy month for teachers and traditionally a month when I barely run. Since classes are winding down and we are approaching exam time, I’m hoping to get back out to regular running in the next week or so.

The next race I have on the agenda is the Canada Day Road Races in Kanata – I will be running the 5K and treating it more like a time trial. I have managed to run my workouts a bit faster and have managed to get one day out on the track. I’m not sure I have a PB in me, but we will see. After the Canada Day Races, is the 5/15 Farm Run, which will be another 5K race.

I have not decided what I’m running for the Army Run yet – it will either be the Commander’s Challenge or the 10K. I like the 10K course and could probably PB the 10K but I could also PB the half marathon. I’m just not trusting the weather. I do want to run a half marathon in the Fall but I’m not sure which one yet. As of this moment, my schedule is very similar to this year’s, which means I have flexibility with when I take my lunch. Training for a half marathon shouldn’t be too much of a strain on my schedule.

The big race that I have signed up for is Around the Bay – and not the 5K, the full 30K. I figured it is time to try the whole 30K and since I was very comfortable in the marathon up until 30K, I figured this I could run the race well. It does involve winter running – but I feel like if I could handle it this year, I will be just fine. The plan is go with the Run Ottawa group – and so far it looks like we have a great group of runners going on the trip. It should be tons of fun!

(This photo was taken by Jordan)

For a 2019 marathon – it looks like I will attempt another marathon next spring. Obviously it ties into training for Around the Bay and because I will hit 30K way sooner – I might be able to run more of those big long runs than I ever have. The biggest problem for me to tackle to get my marathon time down even more is running longer runs more often. I know that I can run a marathon in an ok amount of time – but I would like to run faster. Am I going to run Ottawa again? Odds are yes because I do like the route – but maybe a different marathon a bit earlier than the end of May? Any recommendations?

How is your running going?

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