Summer Happenings

Summer is finally here – well sort of? I take part in Summer School festivities, so I’m still “working” during the month of July, but I can work from home. This also allows me to break up the day, and although my position involves a large amount of emails and phone calls, I have zero marking. Soon enough, I will be free and will leave my work laptop at school.

So what else has been going on this summer?

HOT Weather

It has been hot and dry in the Ottawa area. Our grass is not looking good and we’ve had to be diligent with watering the veggie patch. This weekend is looking like another 30C+ weather weekend with *maybe* some showers tomorrow. But the last time we were supposed to get rain/thunderstorms – my area had just a sprinkle.

but of course, the hot weather means…..

Pool Time!

We’ve been spending lots of time in the pool. This past Wednesday was the first day in weeks that we didn’t go swimming at some point during the day. Since the bugs haven’t been as bad this year, I have been enjoying sunset swims. Last year there was no way you could swim in the evening as the mosquitos would basically cover you. We replaced the pool pump this year which means significantly less noise and a much lower hydro bill.

New Phone + New Plan

It was time for my bi-annual phone upgrade. This time I went with the iPhone 8+ 64G. One of my friends had the iPhone X and I honestly did not like the feel of it. So I went with the 8 Plus which was a bit of an upgrade from my 6S. I’m already used to the larger size of the phone. I do miss that it doesn’t easily fit in my pockets anymore. With my phone change came with a phone plan change where for pretty much the same price I used to pay, I’ve gone from 2.5G of data per month to 8G. That might seem like a ton of data (ok – Maybe not for my American Friends) but when your internet sucks at home – more data is crucial.

Running Time!

After having a few weeks of lacklustre running, I’m back to running 4-5x a week. I’m hoping to stay on this schedule for the rest of the summer. It is time to start getting ready for the Fall racing season. Right now the only race on my agenda is Army Run where I will be running the Commander’s Challenge (5K + Half Marathon). There is no goal for that race other than to have fun. The weather is unpredictable in September so I’m not banking on Army Run to be a half marathon goal race. I believe my goal race will be 9 Run Run – either the half (aka run from Stittsville to my house and back) or the 10K. I’m not really putting that much pressure on the Fall racing season because I’m going to be training for Around the Bay during the winter.

Cooking Food!

I’m trying to be a bit more inventive when cooking and experimenting with new meats, vegetables and recipes. I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut and with time constraints, have been making the same meals over and over again. So far I’ve tried Flank Steak, kale (beyond salad), fiddleheads, and baking pies (with rhubarb from the garden). Our vegetable garden is doing *ok* this year. We got a very late start, so I’m unsure when is going to happen. I do think this will be the last year I attempt corn because it is looking like a fail, again.

Some adventures

We are not going to California this summer. We are delaying the annual trip until the weather gets cold and the warm weather feels more special. We are going to be in Toronto for a couple of weekends and we are going to (finally) go to Bon Echo again. That is about it. Our summer became booked up very quickly and we were lucky we were able to fit camping in.

I’m also hoping to blog a bit more – but who knows if that will happen. My life is pretty boring 😉

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