Summer Heat Wave

I will never complain about running in the cold again…..

Ok that is not really true – but this week Ontario has been in a pretty decent heat wave. Our daily temperatures have been over 30C with the humidex going above 40C. The A/C has been running all day and you bet that we have been in the pool multiple times per day. We get a little bit of a break on Friday from the heat – but next week, temperatures jump right back up to the 28-30C range.

On Sunday I ran the Kanata Canada Day Road Races. The temperature when I left my house at 7am was already at 26C and the humidity was at 95%. If you thought the 2016 Ottawa Marathon was hot – this Sunday’s weather was at a whole other level. I was sweating just standing around and felt tired. Knowing that the weather would make a 5K PB not possibly – I wanted to just run at a decent pace and maybe be sub-26. Well, about 400m into the race, the plan changed to just run a tempo run and walk if I wanted to. Despite dumping ice water on my head numerous times, I felt awful the entire race. I ran a 5:00 first KM and then went to tempo pace (around 5:30/km) for KM 2. KM 3 and 4 featured a few walking breaks and were over 6:00/km (something I don’t think I’ve done in a 5K in a very long time). I picked it up for the last KM, running a 5:26 – with the last 300m under 5:00 pace (I was being dragged to the finish my my Ottawa Lions friend Lawrence who was using the 5K as a strides workout). I finished in 28:30 – almost 4 minutes slower than what I can run a 5K in and one of my worst times in recent years. Oh well!

I still took 15/68 in my category (last year I was 10th) and 64/390 females – not really far off from my placing from last year when I finished in the 25 minutes range. It was definitely a hot and slow race!

After that race – it took me quite a while to cool down. It was definitely a weird feeling. But next up was Max’s 1KM race. They did end up shortening the course to just make it 700m (Thank you!!) as by 9:30 – the temperatures where even hotter. Max took off right away and finished his 700m in 3:39 – averaging around a 5:08 pace. There were two points that he ran way under 5:00 and I had trouble keeping up with him. I’ve said this before, but I’m pretty sure he will be faster than me in a few years.

Thanks to Ian Hunter for these photos!

For the past few weeks, I have not run very much. The last two weeks of school are incredibly intense and running was simply not a priority. I have made it to track practice and worked out with the kids, which is tons of fun. I do love my speed workouts! I even tried going over the steeple chase water pit. Emphasis on tried because my form was crap and I was petrified of flipping over (I’ve watched too many steeplechase funny videos). We are also in the process of building a big shed in my backyard and I’m teaching summer school – so right now I’m just running when it is convenient. Those days are numbered as I have a few races in July and then a build up to the Army Run!

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