Two Summertime Races

The summer months for me usually are a time for base-building for the Fall Racing season – very few races (I almost never race in August) and if I do race, the races are 5K or less. In July I ran three races in total – The Canada Day Road Races, The Farm 5/15 Run and the Kitchener Mile. All three races were not the best races for me – no where near a PB and fairly hot weather. I did have fun though!

The Farm 5/15 Run is organized by Run Ottawa and a delightful summertime evening race. It is rare for races to be run in the evening, but the 5/15 races is after 6pm. Usually that would mean cooler temperature, but this time around it was about 24C at race time. Last year’s race felt a bit cooler. I decided to run the 5K race again and knew that I would have little chance of a PB because I was not running much and my speed work was ok.

I started the 5K a little fast – diving into the 4:35 pace right away. I eased up after 2KM but then felt not so great from 3K in. Since the race had an out and back section – I was able to say hi to some friends and also count the amount of people ahead of me in the 5K. Since this race was smaller, there was a better chance to place higher. I counted that I was in the top 10 for females. My heart race was too high during this race – the last 2K were around 200bpm and I just didn’t feel too good. I am currently working on some HR training to help in this department as my HR is just too high to go fast. I held on finish in just over 27 minutes. Not my best time at all, but way better than the Canada Day 5K time. I placed 33/219 overall, 12th Female and 3rd in my category – BUT because 1 and 2 in my 30-39 category were in the overall top 3 – I won my age group and was gifted a nice gift card from Sports 4.

The next race I signed up for was the Kitchener Mile – a fun event organized by Run Waterloo. It was a no-frills, easy Sunday race that was just like a fun Run Ottawa race. No shirts or medals – but timing was provided as well as water, bananas and some great race photos. I have never run a mile race before so I was curious on what it would be like. I had a family BBQ the day before where I ate all the foods I shouldn’t be eating and had a crappy night sleep in the hotel where the bed gave me a stiff neck. It was also sunny and hot (again..). But it was a fun run. I did not run my full speed as I wanted to stay more consistent with my laps than go out too fast. The race was 3 loops on the main downtown Kitchener Streets – so 6 turns in total which allowed you to catch your breath a bit. My form felt off and I just wasn’t feeling it – it also probably did not help that I did not run all week either. Anyways, I finished in 7:27 which you would think is a PB since I’ve never run a mile race before – but I’ve actually run a mile faster before – in Emilie’s Run. I would really like another go at a mile race but they are so rare!

All photos are from Run Waterloos Race Gallery

So that is pretty much it for summer racing. I might race another race soon – but if not, the next race on the agenda is Army Run!

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