Racing through the Week

September has arrived and with its arrival comes Fall racing, pumpkin spiced everything and of course, the start of school. The first week of school has been completed and I much enjoyed sleeping in until 7am this morning. The first week always seems so long but goes by so fast. Meaning, so much stuff is crammed into one week that it feels more like two. I have a new schedule with two back to back classes in the morning (so hungry after that), followed by eLearning and prep time in the afternoon. I also have Yearbook meetings at lunch time, but the first week we only met once. Speaking of Yearbook, the first photos for this year’s yearbook have been taken, edited and uploaded to our Yearbook software.

A schedule change means that my running schedule has slightly changed as well. Running a long run on Monday and running a virtual Mile Race on Wednesday meant that my typical training schedule was very much altered this week. I’m making it work but this week has been a bit more exhausting. That and the heat was brutal for the first part of the week. I had all intentions of running hills on Wednesday but at 12:30pm (the time I can run on my lunch) it was something like 32C/Feels like 40C, so running hills was out of the question. This weekend, the temperatures will actually be under 20C – I’m a little excited for this weekend’s long run. Last weekend I ran too late in the morning and by the time I started, the temperature was almost at 30C – so my planned 16K turned into 12K. Not a big deal as this weekend’s run was supposed to be 12K, so I will just run 16K instead.

This week was also the start of orchestra rehearsals. I haven’t been involved with an orchestra for a number of years (maybe 4-5 years?). The first practice went ok – I started remembering how to play cello again after a few bars – but I did notice that I could not sight read music as fast. But at least this season’s concert features fairly easy pieces. Next week, swimming and violin starts up for Max and then we will be fairly busy. With being so busy we are really starting to meal plan and ensure that the week is planned out well. I’m also going to try and pre-make a number of snacks/lunches on Sunday to ensure that we have lots of food at the ready for making lunches. I am also patiently waiting for pizza/subway days to start up again at Max’s school.

I’m looking forward to the Fall season – less sweaty days, and easier times for running. However, I’m already fearing the winter and will be sad when the pool is closed in a few weeks. Also, I already had a pumpkin spiced latte……

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  1. Steve Konkle

    I noticed and welcomes the cooler (aka bearable) temperature when running yesterday, and it was positively chilly this morning. Hopefully the weather is good for the Army Run in 2 weeks.


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