Run Interrupted

It has been awhile, a long while since I last wrote something on this blog. The last post I wrote was a 10K race recap in October. Since then, I’ve been quite busy with work, life and all things not running. I took a pretty substantial break from running in November for no big reason other than I felt burnt out and had lost the desire to train. This happens to many runners, including elites. It is hard to explain what happens when  running break is necessary for reasons other than an injury. But after training for 12+ weeks for a half where I ran 5x a week, I believe I was ready to hang up my running shoes for a little bit.

Since November, I have run no more than 3x a week with most of my runs being on the shorter side. I am starting to commit more to running starting this week. I have been running longer runs once a week, so far up to 16K. Right now I am still planning on running Around the Bay and Ottawa Marathon. ATB is happening for sure, but if I happen to get into the NYC Marathon, then I will be dropping to the half marathon Ottawa.

The running break happened for other reasons other than losing the desire to run. One big reason is that we made the decision to bring a dog into our lives. Magnus Rufus (aka Red) came into our lives at the end of November. He is a Yellow Lab, but is more red in colour. He is a good boy, but does require lots of work. It has always been a struggle for me to get out regularly to run, but throw a puppy dog into the mix and running becomes less of a priority. In the fall, I will be able to take him with me on smaller runs.

The weather has been awful for runners in the last few weeks. We have had many snow and ice storms. Of course the storms always happen on days that a longer workout is to occur. Wednesday seems to be a target for the weather systems, which also happens to be 10K tempo days. Which, those workouts haven’t happened yet.

Hopefully I will be back with some more training reports with the lead up to Around the Bay and Ottawa. Around the Bay is going to be such a fun trip. We have two buses from Ottawa going to the race, so not only will be get a great race experience, but we will get to share that experience with fellow running friends. I probably will be running the race at slightly faster than long run pace, but more looking forward to spending the weekend with running people. That and visiting Hamilton again!



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  1. Amy

    Super duper cute doggie. Breaks are important. It’s not super fun to take them when we feel burnt out … I don’t think. I am still recovering from what I realize now was major burn out last year. It’s funny how it can sneak up on us.


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