The Return….

It has been so long since I’ve logged into my blog that I actually forgot the backdoor way of getting to the admin page and I forgot the password.




It has been awhile. 


Life has been busy and blogging took a firm seat at the back in the spring/early summer.  For the most part, my instagram account is the main place I document my running and food adventures. But, since I tend to forget about certain details, especially about racing, I figured I should resume writing about my running life, photography tips and tricks and also a bit about my culinary adventures as well. I will eventually get to writing about my spring races, which included a new 10KM PB/PR and two away trips.

In the meantime, here 10 things I did from March-July


  1. I finished my Fourth Yearbook



2. I dyed my hair brown


3. I made risotto for the first time


4. I went to Hamilton with Run Ottawa for Around the Bay


5. I spent an evening practicing Night Photography


6. I went to Montreal for a race and ate all the food and climbed up Mont Royal


7. I helped with the Musical – doing the photography and also creating the scene for the “Critics Room”



8. I PB’d the 10K



9. I’ve been slowly picking away at my “Ottawa Restaurants” list


10. I’ve started running regularly again





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