Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, I had a pretty uneventful childhood – did not get into trouble, liked to play outside and was proud that I could eat an entire Big Mac by myself at age 6 (that is skillz). My start with running happened in grade 11 when I did not make the soccer team and decided to join Track because my friends were in it. Hurdles and Sprints were my events of choice and long-distance running was “the devil”. Surprisingly enough, ten years later I would be running my first half marathon.

After graduating high school, I attended McMaster University, majoring in Geography with a minor in Music. McMaster provided me with the skills to be a life-long learner and developing a strong sense of who I was going to be. It was a memorable four years.  Afterwards, I attended the University of Western Ontario to obtain my teaching degree and have recently completed my Master’s with the University of Ottawa.

Teaching was not something I saw myself doing until I was a teaching assistant at McMaster. I realized I enjoyed teaching, so I stuck with it. Previously I taught in Toronto, but currently work for the Ottawa Carleton School Board on an occasional basis. I very rarely talk about my profession on this website, since it is not the focus I want for my writing. However, among regular teaching duties, I am a proud coach of Cross Country and Track and Field. That I do talk about often! I am a NCCP trained club-level coach in sprints and hurdles and registered as a coach with Athletics Canada. I currently coach with the Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club.

Presently, I live in Ottawa, Ontario with my husband and son. I enjoy running road races, and have started to dabble in triathlons. After starting two years ago with 5K races I have moved on to 10K races and competed in my first half-marathon at the end of September, 2012. Finally, in 2014 I ran my very first marathon, The NYC Marathon! I run because I enjoy it and I do like a bit of the competition. I am not necessarily the fastest runner out there, but I do strive to improve my times each year.



This blog was created so that I could somewhat keep a written record of my running , as well as practice writing in full in complete sentences (something that rarely happens when you are a teacher – I am being serious). I hope you enjoy reading.

If you have any questions, or would like to work with me. Please email me at runningfoodbaby (at) gmail (dot) com




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  1. Energizer Bunny

    Hi Rebecca,
    This is EB (Energizer Bunny) from Energizer Canada. I would love to offer you the chance to be one of our running influencers! Please email me at EB@energizercommunity.ca

  2. Kim @RunningLife&Chocolate

    Hi Rebecca! Love your place here 🙂 I’m subscribing now !

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      Welcome!! Thanks 🙂


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