Three Things Thursday!

Happy Thursday! Today’s Thursday comes with a brand new episode of Grey’s Anatomy – HOORAY!

Thing #1

Max’s daycare/nanny (Max is currently the only kid in full-time, so it is like a nanny) is sick today so Max came to school with me in the morning. Yay! Paul can’t miss school today and we really have no one else to watch him at a last moments notice, so he had to come in with me. There is an emergency child care service at my school board but a) not sure if I qualify because I am not full-time and b) Max is 10 months old – not sure I want to leave him with a stranger in my house. We are at home now as I have a huge gap in my schedule today. I will probably go back later.

Thing #2

It is 19 degrees and sunny today! Woohoo! I may just bring my afternoon class outside! Might also go out for a run later on too! You cannot waste a day like this!

Thing #3

Bacon Mushroom Melt!

Sorry, excuse me – Bacon ‘portabello’ Mushroom Melt…..It is that time of year when Wendy’s has this most delicious sandwich. I used to work at Wendy’s and when it was Mushroom Melt time – I ate one every day! I had one last night – it was scrumptious!


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Max is 10 months!

Today is Max’s 10 month birthday. Although I can say that these ten months have flown by – at the same time, winter seems like forever ago. So does the days when Max would just sit still for more than 10 seconds.

He has definitely become more mobile in the past two months. He is crawling like a champ, ‘cruising’ along furniture, pushing furniture, and standing for a few seconds on his own. I suspect that walking is just around the corner :-)

Max has four teeth now, and working on some more! Just like he moves like a champ, he eats like one too! We are kind of done with the baby mash, and he pretty much eats small chunks of food. He loves turkey, peas, chicken, cheese, yoghurt, bread, pears, bananas…..well, he likes everything but Broccoli! He is pretty much on three meals a day now, with lots of snacks at daycare. He has cereal and fruit in the AM, whatever daycare gives him for lunch, and a small portion of whatever we are eating for dinner (unless it is something he cannot have, like pizza).

He has recently started babbling much more. He says maaaa, baaaa, daaaa, and screams. The screeching is just so much fun to listen to! Ok, well no…but it is funny! I think he understands ‘No’, but he just chooses to ignore me.

Anyhoo – here are some pictures from after this morning impromptu bath – yeah, cleaning that mess up was fun! The other Ma’s and Pa’s out there probably know exactly what I am talking about :-)



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Race Recovery with an Infant

So I don’t know what most people do after a big race like a half marathon or marathon – but I think most people like to veg out a bit and have a relaxing rest of the day.

Unless you are a parent.

There was no resting for me on Sunday. When we got home, before I had a chance to shower, Max needed his lunch. After lunch P watched him for a bit so I could shower. We then proceeded to play. Playing with a nine-month old who loves to crawl and climb = you are on the ground, on your hands and knees and playing. Being on your knees a few hours after running over 21K…..not ‘yay!!!’

After a way too short nap, where Mommy didn’t get half-done of what she needed to get done, it is time for more playing. Soon however, somebody starts to want to go outside and you have realized you have no milk or fresh fruit for the next day. Daddy is working on the jeep so you drag out the stroller and proceed to walk the 1.5 Km’s to the Farm Boy and back.

Then it is time to make dinner. Or in Max language “yay, it is time to touch everything I’m not supposed to touch time”. Soon after dinner it is time for a bath where I get a second shower because somebody thinks splashing is just hilarious.

Finally it is bed-time and Mr. Max is just plain tuckered out from his adventures of the day. Finally a time to unwind – after doing the dishes, making bottles, doing the laundry and putting away the toys…….

No wonder I fell asleep at 9:45pm :-)

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Back to work

Sitting in a florescent light-lit room, drinking a Starbucks coffee, and in an uncomfortable chair…

Where am I?


Today is my first day back at work. However, there are no students here and it is 10am and I haven’t really done anything yet. Now, as you may remember, I did go back in July to teach summer school, but P was home with Max. Max started daycare today. He has soft couches to climb, lots of blocks, kitties to pet and there are some girls there. He is all set.

Max is not one yet. In Canada, we are allowed 12 months of maternity/parental leave. I only took 9 months of leave. It is my choice to go back early mostly because a job opportunity came up that might not be there in December. I could have easily stayed at home for a few more months, but going back to supply teaching doesn’t pay the bills and it most certainly doesn’t pay for daycare!

Of course I do feel guilty about leaving him with a non-family member, but what can you do. As I said to P this morning, if we want a bigger house, cottage, better cars, I have to go back to work. Quite frankly with taxes, hydro and other things costing so much $$ these days, I have to earn some money regardless. In discussions with some other Moms, we have all pretty much said that it is a hard decision to make, but you have to do what is best for you and your family. I am not one to be a stay-at-home Mom. I have the most respect for all those SAHM’s out there – it is just not for me. My career [...]

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Max at 8 months!

Well, I kind of skipped 7 months, but whatever.

Max is 8 months old today and boy has he ever changed in the last few weeks. He is starting to become mobile, have more of a personality and becoming more and more like a big baby every day. The only thing about 8 months is that it is the start of daycare for him in two weeks :-( Oh well.

What Max can do:

– Army Crawl

– Crawl normally for a few crawls

– Sit up on his own

– Get on his tummy from sitting

– Stand up if holding on to something (huge issue right now – as that is what he wants to do now)

– Feed his bottle himself

– Go through his toy box and pick out his own toys

– Sit up in the car seat, chariot, whatever if he is unstrapped

– Say a few things like ‘ma, ba, geee, afldkjksldddd (blowing raspberry)’

– Reach for everything and anything

– Get out of his bumbo


Obviously the next big thing for him will be walking. He can stand up, but he is very un-easy when he does. He has had a couple of tumbles, but we are always within reach.

Speaking of that – because he knows he can move, that is all he wants to do. He hasn’t been in the bouncy chair for months, the bumbo is now dangerous and he doesn’t just sit and play with his toys anymore. So It has been a bit more of a struggle to do certain things. He still likes his exersaucer in the AM and doesn’t mind sitting in his high chair – so for now those things work.

Sleeping is still the same – bed [...]

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