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Three Things Thursday!

Happy Thursday! Today’s Thursday comes with a brand new episode of Grey’s Anatomy – HOORAY! Thing #1 Max’s daycare/nanny (Max is currently the only kid in full-time, so it is like a nanny) is sick today so Max came to school with me in the morning. Yay! Paul can’t miss Read more →

Max is 10 months!

Today is Max’s 10 month birthday. Although I can say that these ten months have flown by – at the same time, winter seems like forever ago. So does the days when Max would just sit still for more than 10 seconds. He has definitely become more mobile in the Read more →

Race Recovery with an Infant

So I don’t know what most people do after a big race like a half marathon or marathon – but I think most people like to veg out a bit and have a relaxing rest of the day. Unless you are a parent. There was no resting for me on Read more →

Back to work

Sitting in a florescent light-lit room, drinking a Starbucks coffee, and in an uncomfortable chair… Where am I? Work! Today is my first day back at work. However, there are no students here and it is 10am and I haven’t really done anything yet. Now, as you may remember, I Read more →

Max at 8 months!

Well, I kind of skipped 7 months, but whatever. Max is 8 months old today and boy has he ever changed in the last few weeks. He is starting to become mobile, have more of a personality and becoming more and more like a big baby every day. The only Read more →

Mom Post: Used or New…My Take

Having a baby can be pretty expensive. There is quite a bit that you need to get before the little one arrives, and as all my older friends/parents/relative say, there are so many things that exist now that didn’t before. Personally, I didn’t spend that much on Max’s things. Quite Read more →

Max @ 5 Months

Was supposed to post this yesterday, but I kinda forgot. Oppsies! Anyways, here is a Max update at 5 months. Don’t like baby-talk? You don’t have to read ——– Routine: Pretty much the same as last month, except we have returned to waking up between 5am-6am for breakfast. However, this Read more →

Disposables vs. Cloth Diapers

I am writing this post ahead of time since I am not bring the Macbook to my parents house. I will write my 5K race report on Tuesday or Wednesday. In discussions with my friends who have babies we have come to realize that cloth diapers are making a bit Read more →

Needles and a track meet

Had our last indoor meet yesterday with the track team. We did a bit better this round. However, not as many schools were there this round. It will be better when we get to our big invitational meets in two weeks. So we ran a 4x100m boys team yesterday without Read more →

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