Strawberry Cake

Happy Tuesday!


Finally done looking at and evaluating over 75 assignments. The one drawback in teaching an online course is you have to look at e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. not just assignments. It takes me all day! But I’m done and have completed my 6.5 hours for today. We were going to go to the pool, but it is going to storm soon.


As I mentioned before, I buy most of my fruits and vegetables from the local farm. It is strawberry season right now, so we have been eating lots of berries! On Sunday we made Beer Can Chicken, and I figured a strawberry cake would be a good dessert. It was fairly simple to make. I followed this cake recipe and just topped with whipped cream and berries. Next time I need to cut up the cake and put a layer of strawberry sauce. Otherwise it was delicious. Max loved it so much he had two pieces! Don’t worry, he finished his dinner first.






He also licked the whipped cream off the beater



So some leg news – My doctor called today and my X-ray was inconclusive, so next step is a bone scan. I have no idea when that will get done as this procedure is a “we will call you” time appointment. In the meantime, I am still just going out for some short, slow 3K runs. I did another 3K run today in 19 minutes. I did wear compression sleeves. I felt the muscles around the shin tighten a bit, but it eased up. No limping and no pain. So I don’t know…

Who likes my hot pink compression sleeves?


Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

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Best part about Summer

I was driving home today on the highway and just before I was about to exit the highway, I noticed the one sign I have been waiting for weeks had FINALLY appeared


The Orleans Fruit Farm was open!

The fresh strawberries sign was up, and as I pulled up I noticed that the sign said that strawberries would be available at 1pm. Luckily it was 2:30pm which means I could get my hands on some delicious local strawberries. The Orleans Fruit Farm is operational from June til October and provides us with some local fruits and vegetables all summer long. I usually do my produce shopping here, picking and choosing items that are available. Some items (like peppers, cucumbers) are available for most of the season, but some items like strawberries are only available for a certain amount of time. I bought a large container of strawberries and since we have been home, numerous have already been eaten (Max already had ten). I bought some ice cream for an extra treat for later. I really like having the farm super close to home (it is just across the highway and over a bit).


photo 1 (23)


Now I am just waiting for tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper (including the hottest jalapenos I’ve ever had), onions, beets, blueberries, squash and apples (well, they have more). Another great thing about purchasing my fruits and veggies at the farm is that the produce lasts much longer. A few months ago I used a butternut squash that I bought in October and it was still good. That and everything just tastes, better.



Max is all about painting and drawing these days. The other week he drew “Max” and this weekend he drew “a boo-bot” (robot). Funny thing, it actually looks a tad bit like a robot.

photo 2 (22)

(and to be clear – because I just noticed this – that is Max’s ultrasound, no new baby here!)


Do you have a farm/farmer’s market where you can buy fresh produce, meat, eggs?

Are you good at art? Max has already surpassed my artistic ability….

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A Walk in the Tulip Park

It is a sunny, but slightly cool day in Ottawa – so I thought it would be a good idea to head downtown to see some of the Tulips. The Tulip Festival is a yearly festival in Ottawa that has large parts of the city covered in tulips. Tulip bulbs were given to Ottawa by the Dutch Royal Family after WWII because Canada sheltered Princess Juliana and her children during the war (including making a ward at Civic hospital an international zone so Princess Margriet could keep her Dutch citizenship). I’ve barely attended the festival since moving to Ottawa almost five years ago, so P and I took Max to one location this afternoon. There are many locations, with the biggest number being at Dow’s Lake. We went to a smaller section at Major Hills Park near Byward. Max really liked the flowers












We also walked around Byward – and stopped for a Beaver Tail







Finally, even though we took the car, Max really wanted to go on a bus ride. So P drove home and Max and I trucked it around Rideau Centre to catch the bus. Poor lil guy was spent and immediately sat down on the bus and pulled his hat down to take a nap. But – he still enjoyed his bus ride.


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