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Our Adventure to Disneyland

What of my “conditions” for going to California was to take Max to Disneyland. Going to California was not a vacation as we really didn’t do much else other than Disney, and eat Mexican and In n’ Out Burgers. Max was super excited to go to “Mickey Mouse’s House” and Read more →


Weekend Fun – Museum and Movies

Happy Tuesday!   Since it was Max’s Birthday Weekend, we decided to go to the Museum of History/Children’s Museum because they had a Bob the Builder exhibit. Max loves all things construction and Bob the Builder, so I figured it was a good idea. We went on Saturday, which happened Read more →


Strawberry Cake

Happy Tuesday!   Finally done looking at and evaluating over 75 assignments. The one drawback in teaching an online course is you have to look at e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. not just assignments. It takes me all day! But I’m done and have completed my 6.5 hours for today. We were going to Read more →

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Best part about Summer

I was driving home today on the highway and just before I was about to exit the highway, I noticed the one sign I have been waiting for weeks had FINALLY appeared   The Orleans Fruit Farm was open! The fresh strawberries sign was up, and as I pulled up Read more →


A Walk in the Tulip Park

It is a sunny, but slightly cool day in Ottawa – so I thought it would be a good idea to head downtown to see some of the Tulips. The Tulip Festival is a yearly festival in Ottawa that has large parts of the city covered in tulips. Tulip bulbs Read more →

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No more Crib + Giveaway winner

Howdy! So to run a giveaway on my blog,  I used Google Drive to record entries on a spreadsheet (in the order they came in) and then used a random number generator to decide the winner. This might be hard for some of the bigger blogs out there that get Read more →

Say What?

Happy Wednesday! It is another freezing day and I really which I had a blanket on right now – even though I am wearing a heavy sweater with a shirt underneath. So cold! I’m starting to get sick of this winter thing… Last night I went to track practice. I Read more →

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Happy Second Birthday Max!

It was Max’s second birthday on Saturday! Yay hooray! I do not really do sappy birthday posts – not my thing. But Mr. Max is turning into quite the character. So here is an update on Max at 2 Years:   Sleep: Nothing changed in this department. He goes to bed Read more →

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Watching Sports and Marathon News

Hi All   I am currently writing from the couch – Max is home with me today because his “other Mommy” is sick with the stomach flu. I’ve been on my own since Saturday (P had a robotics thing this weekend, which included being away overnight) – so we are Read more →

A boy and his bus

  Every child has their ‘thing’. Whether it is a Disney character, birds, pots and pans, or bubbles, every parent can probably identify at least one thing that their child has a slight obsession about. For Max, it is buses. He loves all kinds of buses: coach buses, public transit Read more →

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