Saturday, August 6th

Very busy Saturday!  We were up fairly early to wait for the furniture man to come and drop off our new dining room set.  We then set it up and started doing our daily renovations.  We really can only do renovations in the summer.  Weekends during the school year are eaten up rather quickly.  At least once a month there are school events on the weekends.  It gets too busy with that and other commitments.

So far we have done the following:

– Finished the front yard.  We put patio stones in and made a small garden

– I gutted my room and got rid of stuff I did not need anymore

– New dining room set in place.  New picture to be put up.  Looks grown up rather than university student styles

– Put shelves up in the ensuite bathroom

– Moved living room futon downstairs and put a new used couch in the living room. Not the most stylish thing in the world, but it was free and is comfortable. It also looks way better than the futon.

– Moved most of P’s office to the basement. He is not happy about this, but we need the space.  The problem is the size of his desk.  It is just too big for his office to double as the guest room.  I refuse to put our guest room in the basement.  I said to him, if you are willing to buy a smaller desk, you can stay in your office.  But he doesn’t want to….So off to the basement you go!  Of course the stupid air vent is right in the bloody middle of one of the walls, so I am unsure if my desk is even going to fit.  But I guess that is why I have the iPad. Plus, exactly what kind of work will I be doing in September anyways?

Still to do:

– Move my office around to assorted places in order to make the room available for the baby.  Assemble baby crib and paint the dresser.  Most of the actual setting up will be done when my parents are here on Sept. 9th.

– KITCHEN.  Biggest job left. We need to paint the cabinets, install new hardware, spot paint in places, and change the counter tops + install new sink fixtures.  This is another weekend full of work.  We have no joke had the sink for a year.


Seriously. People on cell phones when they are driving:

A) It is not cool to randomly slow down and pull over without putting your signal on. Signal, stop and put your damn four ways on!

B) It is never cool to text and drive period.

C) No buddy, rolling downhill in the emergency lane does not make it ok for you to be on your bloody cell phone. STOP AND PULL OVER

As I said to my husband last night, we are surrounded by “driving winners!”


I looked at my pretty wine glasses today.  Realized I haven’t had a glass of wine since March Break……damn

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