Wednesday, November 9th

Writing a mid-afternoon entry, which is rare for me.  This week has been sloooooow at work, which means I have been home in the afternoon every day (compared to last week when I worked the whole day, every day but Monday).  I’m not complaining though as a) I am exhausted and b) I have things to do!  I have a very hectic schedule, and work sometimes makes it worse. During the school year I do the following:

– Coach the running teams (XC in the fall, Track in the Winter/Spring)

– Play in a community orchestra

– Mentor a FIRST robotics team (which requires answering emails all the time and writing reports)

– Take classes at Ottawa U

The coaching and the robotics team is what attacks my schedule the most as they have ‘planned’ things and ‘random events’ that pop up on a Friday or Saturday.  So what happens?:

– I only eat dinner at home with my husband maybe 3x a week

– I don’t go to the gym or have time for any classes

– My house is constantly messy

– I wear my hair in a ponytail almost every day

– If you attempt to book something with me with a week’s notice (on weekend dates, more like 3-4 weeks notice), the likelihood of me showing up is next to nothing.

– Sometimes phone calls will not be returned for a couple of days (texting or emailing I will respond right away)

Obviously things are going to change around here in a couple of weeks time.  I am done Orchestra as of next week, coaching is done as of tonight and I will only be doing home-based things for the robotics team until build season (and even then, I won’t be around much).  My Ottawa U class ends on Dec. 6th, but I’ve already arranged the last assignment, which thankfully is a group assignment, but it is a whopping 60% of our final grade (seriously, wtf on that one).


I do stay as organized as I can.  A big thing that affects how much I can get done in a day is the amount of TV that I watch.  Other than my 3 scheduled programs and possible a Gilmore Girls episode if I’m home for lunch, the TV stays off.  I am so used to not having a TV, that spending hours in front of it just doesn’t work for me. Sometimes I struggle to get through a movie.

I do spend lots of time on the computer, but its not like I am wasting time by playing scrabble or solitaire (I do play the games though). My professor went off about the i-whatever objects and ‘being connected’ 24-7. I do understand his argument, but assuming that everyone just stares at their devices and stalks people on Facebook is an assumption, not fact. I do have a Facebook and twitter account, but it keeps me connected with my friends and family.  I look things up ALL the time. People always ask “dude, how do you know this?” in conversation, and most of the time, it is because I’ve looked it up. Rather than reach for the encyclopedia (which is what I did in grade school), I now reach for my iPad or Macbook. I stay very organized using iCloud’s services to create reminders and a schedule via iCalendar that syncs with all my devices.  I also answer emails really quickly, and read 3 newspapers daily. I take offense when people constantly diss technology. I know when to ‘tune out’ and when it is not appropriate to be on the computer or my iPhone. Technology is always evolving and will look very different when I am 50 years old (or even 35!) I refuse to become ignorant of the technological changes occurring in the digital world. I am not going to be like my Mom who asked me earlier this week “how do you delete a folder off the computer?”. It is a balance and people must use technology in a responsible manner. /endrant

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