December 29th, 2011

2011 is almost over!  It was a fast year indeed….

We are just chilling at home for New Year’s Eve, but have invited a few other friends over to hang if they wish (nothing big though). Doesn’t seem like there is the annual party this year….or there is and all the married/with child couples were not invited (which is highly likely). But a nice quiet evening is all I want. I won’t be able to have a drink, except maybe at midnight as Max’s main cluster feeding time is in the evening.  Boo!  I have had an open bottle of Cave Springs Riesling sitting in my fridge for 2 weeks now….longest that wine has ever lasted in my house (it is one of my faves).


Max is doing great.  He is doing more now, including smiling which is just so darn cute.  He seems to be hitting a bit of a growth spurt (the 3 week one), which meant that yesterday from 1pm til 11pm he wanted to feed all the time and not take naps.  I thought newborns were supposed to sleep all the time? Not this one!  However he has become a great night sleeper, which is all I can really ask for.  He usually settles down at 11pm, sleeps til 2-3:30ish, feeds, then wakes up 3 hrs later for another feed.  After the early morning feed, he usually joins me in bed for some Mommy and Max time.  He can’t be in my bed at night time due to the whole night terror thing, but if there is sunlight, I won’t have one so it is a bit safer. Sometimes he just stays in his bassinet though.  I usually wake up at 9am and then quickly do my shower thing while he is still snoozing.  We will see how long this lasts though….

Max has so far stolen my glasses twice and also likes to hold on to my sweater strings.  I can also tell than when his body allows his to…he will be on the move as quickly as he can. He is already trying to get at things, but obviously can’t…it is pretty funny because he looks like a bobble-head doll.


I’m doing better.  I have only 5 pounds to go before I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight.  However, my tummy is all flabby, so toning will be next after the 6-weeks of rest/no-exercise is up.  No more swelling and no big problems with breast-feeding. My open wound is doing better. We had to do a switch of my antibiotics since the original kind they gave me won’t kill the type of infection that I had (wound swap took a couple of days).  One part is almost closed (yay), but the big one is no where near healed yet and as my OB said, this is going to take some time…..great. I had an OB appointment last week and this week, he isn’t too concerned.  Next appointment is in a month.  During this weeks appointment he said “no sex until it is healed”….my expression/comment:  😐 “really?”.  Like I needed to be told that, jeez….;-)


Boxing day sales: nothing that I needed this year.  Plus I have no money.  I went to Wal-mart to pick up some things for Max and their sale items are the same damn things they always have on-sale for the ‘big sales’.  Pretty boring if you ask me.


Alrighty Max is becoming fussy….toodles for now

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