Make-over Tuesday

Played around with the layout today as I did not like how my ‘twitter feed’ looked.  So naturally I decided to chance almost everything and went with a new theme.  Actually the header picture is the same as my Facebook timeline picture, featuring some pretty leaves in Bon Echo Provincial Park.


In terms of a make-over, I am re-making beef stew tonight.  Two weeks ago I attempted my first stew of the season, but alas I used the wrong potatoes and my stew ended up way too starchy.  So I left the potatoes out until 3:30pm (and used white, not russet potatoes which are great for fries not for stew!), and used Guinness this time rather than Alexander Keith’s. Any suggestions on another beer to use?


I am stuck in an weird clothing place. My regular clothes are still a bit too snug and will probably remain that way until I start working out again once the weather gets warmer. My maternity clothes are now too big. Over the week I basically rotate between my maternity jeans (one pair is too big though) and yoga pants.  Not like I am going to wear dress slacks anytime soon, but at least I can start wearing my different styles of jeans if I could squeeze into them. Measuring, I have about two inches to go before I am back at what I started my pregnancy at. Tops: I wear a mix of both (I do like some of my maternity shirts), but some shirts look awkward because of the small pouch in my middle and my gigantor sized boobs. However,when I can fit into regular clothes, they seem new again because I haven’t worn them since last winter.

Then there is the discussion of me not being able to put an outfit together for the life of me. Would love to go on What not to Wear. This has nothing to do with ‘being a mom’. It has to do with me not really being able to put a full outfit together (clothes, shoes, accessories, hair) especially in the winter months. As of right now I still have time to shower and get dressed. I don’t roll out of bed and get started on the day without a shower and I still wear some make-up. I still just tend to wear jeans and a top of some sort. I think one day if Max is behaving, I should sort through my wardrobe and start thinking about ‘key pieces’ that makes up a professional/chic Mommy wardrobe. I’m not going to be wearing high heels in the playground anytime soon, but I would like to look my age and not a university student.

What are some classic “must have” items for your wardrobe?

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  1. Kristen

    Stouts are great for stew- I like the St Ambroise stout in stews as well. Though I like it more to drink, so sometimes it is hard to see it go in the stew 😉

    And I like your makeover! Especially the green 🙂
    I just did a re-vamp but in doing so decided to make the switch to WP- a little scary but I don’t think it will be as hard as I actually think.

  2. rebeccaw7

    I love green…fiddled with the colours a bit too just to get the perfect shade of green. WP is pretty good. I didn’t like blogspot and livejournal was just getting annoying, so I opted for WP. The only thing I don’t like is you can’t change the fonts without paying 🙁 But there are many great looking themes


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