Hot and Cold?

Yesterday was one of those freaky super hot days in April. It reached about 25 degrees with a 30 degree humidex.  I was sweating buckets at school when I was there for track practice. Of course, now we return to slightly regular temps today. On the weekend we are supposed to have 17 degrees one day and 5 the next. Got to love Spring! Poor Max is probably confused because one day he is wearing pants and a sweater and another day he is wearing shorts and a t-shirt 🙂

Some of my plants are returning which is nice. I have very little garden work to do this year which is nice!  I prefer perrenials, and most of my garden is made up of that. I tried planting herbs two years ago, but they just got eaten by bugs.

We watched the Boston Marathon yesterday. It was a real treat to watch it since I usually am working at that time. Congrats to Kristen’s husband who slowed it down because of the crazy heat, but still managed a good time; and my friend’s Dad who definitely took it easy, but completed the race.  My other friend from work decided to defer til next year.

Training yesterday was just some weights and ab work. Since Monday is a track coaching day, I don’t have the wiggle-room time to get out with Max. The time that I could have gone out it was pouring buckets, so I just did a workout in the living room. I should be going out today for a long run as the weather is great!

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