Three Things Thursday

Yay, it is Thursday! New Big Bang Theory AND Grey’s tonight. New Touch episode as well, but that show runs at the same time as Grey’s, so I will catch it on demand later on. Actually I have an episode to watch that I forgot about.


Three Things Thursday!

1. For the third year in a row I did not get into the NYC Marathon. Shucks! This would have been a good year to do it because I am not working full-time. However, because I have been denied for three years, I will have a guaranteed entry for the 2013 NYC Marathon and I plan on doing it if I like doing longer distance races. I now plan on doing the Army Run Half-marathon in September! Who else will be joining me?

2. During my Ikea trip yesterday I picked up a new lamp for my office. It is a shaded lamp (if that is the typical term?) and offers a more soft light. I like it!

3. I am trying really hard not to worry about job prospects for the start of the new school year. Trying really really hard. Sometimes I am so stressed out about that I just cry. Worrying about work is one of the main reasons I have been having trouble sleeping at night. The only good news is that there have been lots of callouts for elementary supply work. I took a glance at the job board this evening and there was lots of selection! High school side, not so much! One of my friends who checks a bit more often said she hasn’t seen much posted. Thank goodness I’m on both panels!

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  1. Kristen

    As you know, I didn’t get in either. Though it was a relief to see the “not accepted” this year.

    I like your lamp! I’m a big fan of the “soft light” in the office. Makes up for the harshness of computer screens and is a nice change from corporate office fluorescent nasty light.

    1. Rebecca

      I love soft lighting too! I ended up bringing a couple of lamps into my school office when I was working the Co-op gig because I couldn’t stand the lighting!

  2. Maria

    I found your link from the Mama Natural Show. I have a linky party called Things I Love THursdays. Sounds like we are on a similar wave length. Plus, we have two lamps from IKEA, same as yours in our bedroom! Happy blogging!


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