Website building and Track Meet

I’ve decided to start making my own website rather than just using the WordPress free accounts. I think that having the skills associated with making and maintaining my own website is something that might become useful in applying for jobs. I’ve got the whole social networking thing down, but not websites.  I purchased the domain name yesterday and have started viewing the tutorials provided by the web host. So eventually I will be moving this blog to there. Not exactly how to do that right now, but I’m sure I will figure it out…..

I’m also thinking this will be a useful skill if I don’t find a job and need to become self-employed either by having a daycare here at home, or running a catering business. When I’ve looked for services before, I usually look for a nicely run website! I’m not going to start running a business now, but I need to get started on a business plan. I’ve actually got a brilliant idea for one business, but I will have to sit down and research and plan. I’m not super interested in running a daycare as it could become problematic with vacation time. Could I run a daycare just for teacher’s kids? I am used to not earning an income in the summer, so it might work?


Went to our second track meet yesterday with six kids (half of my team was busy yesterday).  We did a bit better. Next week we have to focus on running drills for my runners/hurdlers. One of my students was hungry and asked if I had any food other than baby food. I did and said that I had a pear, one Reese PB cup and some snap peas. He looked at the pear and said “I’ve never really had a pear before, what does it taste like?”. Didn’t know how to really answer that. He ate it….seemed to like it I guess?

Max was golden as usual. He played with his toys. Went for walks with Mom in the Beco and had a good time. Barely any crying at all. He also took a few naps, but I don’t blame him: the dome is famous for making people want to nap 🙂

Max takes a nap!

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