East Ottawa Championship Re-cap

What a day yesterday! ¬†We started our road to OFSAA at the East Ottawa Championships. CW had a great day in that almost everyone qualified for at least one event for next week’s National Capital Championships.

Some Results:

Alexia placed 1st in both the 80m Hurdles and 300m Hurdles

Nathan is the fastest kid in the east with 1st place in the 100m and 200m

Kevin had a huge lead in the 110m Hurdles and came in first, he also got 2nd in the 100m Sprint

Jaimee had a personal best jump in the Long jump and high jump. She placed 2nd in each.

The boys swept the long jump with 1st place finishes by Kevin (Senior level), Nick (Junior) and Nathan (Midget). Well done!

The 4×100 team placed 3rd overall. 4×400 team placed 5th even though they were pretty tired and didn’t want to run the race.

Kevin’s schedule was pretty wacko. He had all his events pretty much at the same time. He had to do his long jump and two running events all around between 9am and 10am. While waiting for his hurdles, he had to do a long jump (I was officiating the event and he had to get a jump in before the first round of three was over to not miss that jump). He literally ran to the long jump, took off his warm up shirt, jumped, and then ran back to the hurdles. When he was done that he ran back to the long jump, jumped again, and then ran to the 100m dash. He had two good jumps, so he did not do a 3rd. Hilarious!

Next week we do have some competition to look forward to. However, the kids prefer to race against kids who are up at their speed as it pushes them to go farther. Hoping that we get to take a big team to East OFSAA!!


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