Manic Monday!

Here is another week!  It is a slightly busy week, but manageable.  Mostly track and field, but at the same time it is slowing down.

Coming up this week:

Track and Field

Practices are pretty much done. Just a practice today and that is it for the week (if the weather holds up). I am down to 5 kids, 4 of them being Ottawa Lions kids who practice in the evenings. We are just going to be working on jumps for the entire group (the runners will get their practice via the Lions).

We have East OFSAA on Thursday/Friday. Looking at the performance listing, all 5 have the potential to move on. Alexia and Kevin will have to PB to make it, but they are literally right there. Both can do it though! Only thing I’m worried about is Alexia did the 10K on Saturday, and Kevin competed in his first decathlon. But maybe that will help?

Other Stuff

Pretty low-key week here. Nothing on the agenda until Saturday. I don’t plan on doing much other than applying for Max’s passport, taking some clothes back to Winners and actually making dinner.


I’m not running this week, and I will not be running until I get fitted for proper shoes. My next race is Emilie’s Run, a fast 5K. So therefore my training will be focusing on getting faster. My goal for this race is an overall PB. My last PB set in the Army Run of 2010 was 28:55 and I plan on smashing that. Emilie’s Run is the same course as the Mother’s Day 5K I just did, and as you might remember from my re-cap post: the first KM is downhill and fast. Given that I will not be running with the chariot this time, the plan is to charge up that incline at the end.

So basically, training for the next month is just focusing on speed. I already have the distance down pat.

After that race, I have the Warrior Run, which is just for fun. It is a 5K race with obstacles. I do need to do some upper body weight training though! I have such weak lil arms! 🙂

After that, I am done racing for the summer. However one of the things I said about the 10K race I just ran was that if I didn’t hate it, I would run the Army Run Half Marathon this year.




I am running my first half-marathon coming up in September!

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  1. Kristen

    EEEEEKK!!! Hooray!
    The army run is a fun race to participate in. I don’t know what the route is like (I know it was VASTLY different last year) but hopefully it is a good one!

    1. Rebecca

      It should be good! I think the race will be another ‘enjoy the scenery’ one. But I’m looking forward to it. It is the best one for me to attempt a longer distance because I actually have the time in the summer to train.


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